Friday, June 5, 2009

Time Flies....

Quiet Determination...posted on Every Photo Tells A Story

Time flies when you're having fun....right? Right! I haven't been doing much of anything else other than that. Playing outside in the sun and trying to keep the yard up. Entered two shows and was juried into both of them. I have also been fortunate enough to gain a mentor....his work is highly respected, in many galleries and I am honored that he would critique my work and coach me along. I am looking for a house in this market....I would like to use it as my studio and also teach there and hold workshops. Max and I have helped, Inez, his daughter move out and she is really looking forward to having her own place. We attended a ballet performance she was in....and I went backstage and took pictures. Max's son graduated high school...whew!...last one for him and he will becoming to visit soon. I will also be leaving for Phoenix later this month to visit old friends and family. Facebook is taking up a lot of time (especially Farm Town) I may have to cut back there considerably! But it is a great way to connect!
I would like to mention that I am so honored that so many people have decided to follow me here and on Facebook....I am truly in awe by this..I will try to provide interesting stimulus for those who are following along.
Last but not least....I have begun painting after a long break. Here are a few pictures of the start. Also Nancy over at Every Photo Tells A Story has used one of my paintings on her June 5, 2009 blog. She has also described my work in a beautiful way!! Thank you Nancy!
Here are the photos of the start....

The beginning...consists of a violet wash over the canvas, quick sketch, thin darks and an indication of the brushwork I am looking to achieve.

Just a close up of the area worked on from the first photo.

A considerably more amount of work....still keeping the darks thin...conscientious color choices...begin working on water and weedy area. At first my biggest concern was the perspective...looking down on the young woman in the water. I think i have managed to make that work...the color choices are a triad of various mixtures of violet, orange and of my favorites...I will post the photo reference when the painting is complete. I would also like to mention...I really do not like working from photos anymore....but sometimes....I must!
We are heading into summer here and it will be so humid I will hardly be able to bear going outside....but I will try! I am really a cold weather girl...:)
Happy Spring Days To All,