Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food, Inc, New Studio and More Projects......

For most of us who live and pay attention in this world we are well aware that the marketplace has changed drastically. My message is simple....and proven.....after growing my own food for about 20 years or better.....definitely 14 continuous years (not just a year or two)....I can honestly say...the health effects were amazing. I and my children were never not even a cold. I am 61 and so far still have no signs of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or any other ills. I am constantly told I look 10 to 15 years younger than I am.....and have the energy to go with it. I have a firm belief that lifestyle afforded me many healthful benefits......both physical and mental. I am no longer able to grow all my own food due to living in a far smaller space than I was once accustomed to...but still attempt a small garden every year....the last two years I have been dealing with Black Walnut trees and Pecan I have a lack of sun and toxicity due to the walnuts. The wood is great for smoking meat and is very durable....but anything growing with in a 60 to 70 foot radius is fairly doomed. The black raspberries, several flowers, herbs, lettuce, onion and tomatoes do pretty well, so do the peppers, onions and beans occasionally but everything else does not and wouldn’t it just figure; poison ivy doesn’t mind juglone ( the toxic substance produced by the tree and its roots) and will thrive under a black walnut tree. If you can....grow as much of your own food as possible...of course if you have the availability and I am sorry to say the affordability of organically grown is a great substitute....but no substitute for the closeness and sensitivity you get from working with the earth and animals...not to mention the satisfaction and physical exercise.
I am happy to say I am having an impact in a small way....several people quit buying bottled water after I wrote about it....if I wasn't an artist I would write a blog about good living practices ( I am still learning.... but made quite a lifestyle out of it for many, many years and I still believe we need it) and the choices we make that have an impact on the environment...but I am an artist first...and I don't write about these other things but is some one who does...have a look. The blog is called 365 Days of Trash.....go take a look
I want to take a moment here to thank Pam Imbeau for sending me the most beautiful stainless steel portable beverage container I have ever seen! It is made by EarthLust and it's a beauty!! Thank you Pam and we are looking forward to your visit in August!

! the studio is taken with the lights off!!! Patched, painted, woodwork cleaned up and finished, curtained and practically completely moved in....thank goodness....I need to get to work! The effect of this will further lighten up some other rooms that are over crowded.....simply by moving a few things around. We hope to do the entry way has a lot of wall space and makes a lovely small gallery.....but the wall plaster has seen better days and better wallpaper. So stripping, patching, cleaning up the woodwork and painting is in order here also! Fortunately none of the woodwork has been painted in this old Victorian home (except the kitchen and one bathroom...which is okay) I don't have to strip it! Max will take a break for awhile before tackling another project....don't know what I would do without him. I am sooo lucky to have him!There's the news for now....until next time....
best of everything to you and yours, Theresa

Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio News.....

"Shadows and Sand" accepted entry

Just a quick update...Max and I have been working on my new studio. I have selected the wall color...the same color or a close variation there of that many other artists use in their respective studios. These artists are David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Dan Gerhartz, Richard Schmid, William Whitaker and many, many more. It is a warm gray green. The theory is that this color is very good for seeing flesh tones and preventing light from bouncing all around the studio and therefore getting accurate darks. I have seen this color at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona when I attended there on scholarship. It is a great color to work in. I searched the internet and came up with the info to get the color. Here is the link where you can see the color and read more about it and who uses it, etc. I then went to the paint chips and picked out the color closest to what I had found and had it mixed up. Keep your fingers crossed...I hope I got it right!
We had to scrape ancient wallpaper off the walls....this was also Max's room growing up. He had some psychedelic artwork on the walls (we were children of the 60's!)...on top of the paper actually. There was also a lot of writings on the wall under the paper from his big sister Mary Jo. Lots of memories...and a little teasing. There was a weight chart when Max decided to gain muscle and mass in order to play football...Which he did! Max..the dear has been working on this for a while now and we are close to done. Thank goodness!!....if I don't start painting soon...I will explode or I will have totally forgotten what I am doing!!! The first image is where I paint now (complete with studio buddies) is a corner of the computer/office room. It works....but I have to move things around a lot when I set up for still life's and it is difficult to leave some things out without being in the way somewhat. I also have a lot of still life items on shelves and in closets...lots of books and of course art materials!

A few other notes...I was accepted into The ANA Regional is a ten state regional show. My painting "Shadows and Sand" was the piece accepted (shown above). I have two other important shows coming up and need to get to work for them also. I have not been a good blogger.....but I truly am thankful that I have all of you visiting and leaving comments. Your work and efforts do not go unnoticed.
Until the next entry,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Baaaaack........

"Vecchio E Sereno" oil on panel 18x10
After a wonderful trip out of state, visiting some old friends (we partied like rock stars as the saying goes), an enjoyable and fun visit from Max's son for about three weeks, and a great 4th of July party at a fellow artists home.....the past month has flown by! It has been, as always, a whirlwind of activity and the past three days I have barely done a thing....and frankly it feels pretty good! Does anyone know why you have to come home from vacation to rest? I thought that's what vacations were for!! At any was ALL good!
The painting I the last blog went to the sidelines temporarily and instead I completed a still life before I is the first image on this blog. I am planning several more garlic themed pieces. Doing several paintings on one theme is not something I have done in the past I have seen....most artists do this either regularly or for some time during there career. I have been painting about 8 years now...and have only done the series thing three times. Oddly enough another piece sold recently that was from a series...."Little Guys" ...a series of six little paintings based on tiny or young animals with a humorous can see them here. They are all sold now. I also plan another series of little guys.

"Hanging By A Prayer" 8x10 oil on panel
I sold the last one last week...or I should say I got the check for it. Nice surprise! I also sold the little bottle from the gallery (Cherry's) I am in and gained another new client.

"Antique Bottle In An Antique Frame" 4x5 oil on panel
I will be moving my studio to a larger space upstairs...we will see how that works...I keep trying to find a place where I can concentrate and still feel like part of the household it possible...or am I being unrealistic??? LOL! I have been known to be somewhat unrealistic...:)!
Lots of paintings in my head....and I am dying to get to work again on a steady basis. One in particular will require a lot of background work...but it is coming together....I shall not mention anything until I have a heck of a good start. I believe in saving my voice for the paint!
Well, folks and fellow bloggers that's it for now...Between my website, blog and Facebook....I am spreading myself way to thin. I will be cutting back on Facebook.
Glad to be back,