Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have entered a few piece in the Bold Brush Painting Contest. If you would like to vote for can access in the sidebar or go here and vote for me or whoever you like! I don't think helps winning....I just like to see if there is any positive reaction.
Thank you ahead of time for your vote!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men.........

Theresa's Pansies 8x16 Oil Sold
I always say I am going to blog continuously like so many other bloggers...then life gets in the way...or should I say living life gets in the way. I have been plenty to say (just ask my boyfriend and friends...I am more than opinionated at times....and always have something to say. So here I am yet again...and yet again behind in blogging...I haven't even been on Facebook but momentarily.I have been more than busy living life, also.
As last mentioned I have acquired a patron who is more than generous in keeping me busy....and more than generous with emotional support. I have completed several paintings for a musically themed suite of paintings. Several other pieces have been acquired to there collection. You can see them below.
Gardening is another lifelong hobby and the vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are rolling in. Thank goodness Max (who also has a very green thumb) likes to garden also or I could not do it all!! I have pictures and will try to get them up also.
I have also been doing a lot of studying....just trying to get better with edges and color. So I read a lot, I am especially enjoying my two new books one on Sorolla the other on Sargent. That makes five Sargent books I have now.....Oh, if I could only paint like him now...or Schmid or 100 other artists who have aspects of their work that I deeply admire!
I also attended a plein air paint out that was great fun even if rained most of the time...I still got a couple of decent paintings out....and one sold. There is no better training than painting from life!!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying there summer...we have been. There has been everything from a party on Memorial Day at our house to a sadly attended funeral of our 92 year old neighbor and dear childhood friend of Max's to toiling in the garden in unbelievable humidity and enjoying thunderstorms on our front porch.
Below find some recently sold pieces and some not sold yet.
Next up large step by step portrait and the story of a painting that I never cared if I sold...but did!
Best to Everyone and Enjoy Life,

Rose Bower Oil Sold Plein Air

Rose Trellis Plein Air (finished at home)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Worthy Opponent.......

Abendessen (Dinner) 20x20 Oil Sold

When I was asked to paint another crab for a first thought was "oh, what fun" and it truly was! On the other hand my self-challenging and creative ideas often get the better of me. I immediately had an image that came to mind.
I grew up with this old stein and a few more...seeing them often in the house and creating little stories about the pictures represented on them. This has always been my favorite ever since I can remember. I loved the color, shape and decoration since I was a little girl. was the first thing to go in the setup aside from little crabby that has been stored in my fridge since last year. After all I wasn't going to eat it...just paint the age of this crustacean being frozen was not an issue. Then with a little more consideration...I decided on the green glass mug...the little brass pitcher and the onions...and finally some beer to go in the mug. I had a considerable debate with myself on choosing the backdrop. I made my final decision and I was off an rolling!
I set the still life up at Cherry's Gallery and completed it there....many people stopped by and watched the this painting come to life. Then, as sometimes happens....difficulty set in. I began to over think...the stein started to give me fits. I did not realize that there was so much detail and how was I going to handle it. almost always....I soldier on...and completed it. The client loved it...and wanted periodic reports while it was in progress since he was out of town while I painted it. He has paid for it since and picked out the framing material. As an added benefit he also bought the one off the easel that I was working on at the time. I will post it next.
No one knows how grateful I am for such wonderful things happening to me.....and no one knows how hard I am on myself when I am temporarily in doubt over what I am doing.......until now...:)
I am actually very,very pleased with this that I am not looking at it anymore. As artists I think we sometimes tire of what we are working on....we become blind...and I think many of us are perfectionists....I know I am!!!
As always...I will continue striving to grow and learn and improve my technique....a little looser is what I am trying to accomplish in my still life work.
Until Next Time,

Day One and Setup

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six (Final)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Work....

It's Spring and we are so glad to be out and about! Working with the soil makes me feel connected on a very elementary level...which is an extremely good thing.
I have also been painting regularly at Cherry's Gallery ( and helping put together a website exclusively on art) has been a wonderful place to work! I still like being home but unfortunately dishes, laundry and other domestic chores continually call my name and compete for attention. So I have taken up semi-permanent residence here and am forced to get dressed (no more painting in jammies..that I rather love) , brush my hair and attend "work" on a more regular schedule! It feels good and it is a good work habit. I have just finished a commission which I will post next. I have also "cut up" another painting....and I must say it is better than ever now!!
The above piece is a plein air piece...the heron was added later in the was just missing something in my eye.
Gardening is a priority now also....peas, lettuce, spinach, onions and more. Twenty eight lilies are now planted and also nasturtiums and up English and cabbage roses.
There is also a picture box of my my baby brother and I.....:)
Until next time,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back From California and Arizona....

Me and Max at Disneyland

I am making this real quick...and I mean really quick....I have been gone for three weeks to California and Arizona....visiting and seeing Disneyland. Upon my return I started painting at the local gallery here in Carthage, Mo, Cherry's, and spent a week painting there. It was a great deal of fun.....old students and aspiring painters stopped by, friends, supporters of the arts and collectors, also. At times there was a whole lot more talking then painting! Normally this piece would take far less time...that's okay...I had great fun catching up with everyone!! I will be back again this week. Painting another crab.....I think it is going to be great....but only time will tell!!!
Below a few pics of paintings and moments on vacation. Until more time allows have some fantastic creative days!!

Me and my baby happy to see each other...

Setup for painting at Cherry's

First day (which was very short)...

Second day.....

Final....Oil and Onions 11x14

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Painting is so damn hard, that if it weren't for the occasional win, it would kill us."

Summer Dreams...Sold

Snow On Jenkins Creek....Sold

Scaling Eggs...Sold

Approaching Storm II....Sold

Well, as usual I am constantly playing catchup! Again I find myself with less and less time for writing...but spend a lot of time thinking about it. My thought process generally run along art...I visualize constantly...painting a picture in my head, considering the effects of light....color and edges...which brings me to MY big problem for this year.
Every year I paint, I consider certain key aspects of the beginning it was drawing, composition, color, handling paint, subject matter, mass, photo or life..each subject taking a self-imposed year of consideration....then how to paint from a photo and make it look like it was from life. Then I started painting a whole lot more from life....that took care of the photo issue....pretty much. I still use photos...but I don't like to.
Then came marketing...that took up a whole lot of time! The time I spent marketing has definitely helped....In the last two months I have painted three paintings...all sold and the few remaining from last year have sold also! I still feel weak in so many areas. That really is okay....since this is a constant learning process....and I will be learning for years to come..hopefully!
This's edges...more and more I find my edges unsatisfactory...sometimes I like them...most of the time I am weak in that area. So this year I am going to concentrate more on edges...any advice from people out there is more than welcome. I find lifting the brush at the end of a stroke works well....painting wet into wet and also using a paper towel to scumble the edges...also a value change at the edges also works in many cases. At any rate...I still work at getting better....constantly!
Things have also been selling well....thanks to the marketing time I guess....I actually have a collector that has a "Theresa Rankin Room" that is an honor!! Here are some pieces that sold recently and the step by step I promised a month ago which got waylayed while I was sick and finishing a commission!
One can never know how grateful I am to have people actually buy my work!! I will continue to work hard...through the daily "stuff"...the hard times.....the emotional ups and downs..and the dreaded blocks! In the case of blocks I highly recommend Terry Miura's post and all the replies...well worth reading....we are not alone!!!!

The Start......Approaching Storm III

Some more work

Ugh....readjusting the composition (took out the foreground shrubs)

Adjusting yet again....Took out a hay bale....What do you think?....input please!

I will be heading to Los Angeles in the next I may not post until I get back!!
Thank you, everyone who has joined up and who has really tickles me..I learn much from the other bloggers...every single one of you!!
Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Year and New Thoughts....

Coffee and Persimmons 11x14

After an exceedingly busy, cold and yet, satisfying holiday...I am finally back in the studio! Well actually three days ago. I will make a quick update of events over the holidays...
1. Removed work from the Artcentral show, two large pieces sold.
2. Accepted into the Oliviero-Block Auction, coming in April. at our house and also at relatives.
4. Max's 18 year old son's, Wyatt, visit from Christmas to January 17th....lot's of visiting!
5. Sub-zero temps for most of December and January....with a lot of snow!!
6. Two pieces sold from Cherry's gallery....and a party attended there!
7. Photographic trip in the snow...we had several inches...fairly uncommon here.
8. Various car problems.
9. Christmas and all that entails...cookies, cooking, decorating, parties, gifts, visitors.
1o. A trip to see Avatar and and eat hot wings....I had catfish...the guys had hot wings.
11. Hosting a birthday party and cooking prime rib and all the trimmings for our friend, Tom's birthday.
12 Attending a dance recital for local dance group that Max's daughter teaches and performs in and a friends, Linda Simpson and Jim Bilgere, opening in Joplin.
13. Found three large plastic bags of paper work that never got organized from when I moved....thankfully most of it got tossed!
14. Finally got the studio completely organized.
15. Gained 10 pounds....:(....lost 6 pounds....:)!
16. Started 2 paintings and finishing the commission for my Doctor.
17. All the daily junk, cleaning, washing, animals, etc.........
18. Updated website.
19. Read two books...the new Richard Schmid book and one called Fake! that a friend loaned me.
20. Back to my blog and limiting Facebook time.
21. First New work of 2010...!

So let me start with the story of a painting a did a while back. Of Saints and Sinners was originally 20x30. I had it exhibited in a few shows.....everyone loved it but it never sold. I was going through some older paintings deciding what to junk and what to save and the thought occurred to me....cut this one down. This is something I have done before by the way. Small paintings are doing very well these days. So I did. I carefully placed a frame around different sections and decided it definitely had two really good parts. The rest was somewhat extemporaneous. Then it occurred to me....Make it a diptych. So that is exactly what I did. I had Cherry frame it in the perfect framing material and it turned out beautifully! It sold immediately at a Christmas party at the gallery I am in to two local interior designers. Another small painting also sold earlier to a local Doctor who has begun to collect my work. Never let it be said that bigger is better!
Next time step by step....and more.
Here are the before and after pictures.
See you later,

Before "Of Saints And Sinners" original 20x30

After "Of Saints And Sinners II" Diptych 25x15 Sold

"Music!" 8x10 Sold