Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Okra The Cat Wishes You A Merry Christmas

I am going to keep this short, at least for now....everyone is busy right now and I am among the many!
I just want to wish all the followers and the people who comment...from My blog, to my website and to Facebook a Very Merry Christmas! I am enjoying the holidays with family and friends...I wish some of my family and friends were closer...but that is life these days...nevertheless....everyone is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you are enjoying your time with everyone as much as I am.
I will be back after New Years to post again....and continue the ongoing story of struggles, conquests and light bulb moments!
Baking cookies is my current art form...:)
Love and Kind Wishes,

Saturday, December 19, 2009


"The Last Acre" On Hold 24x30 oil New Work

The show at Artcentral was also quite successful...the deadline to hang was November 16, and the show opened on the 20th.In some respects it was right down to the wire...framing materials had not arrived and we were praying daily that the molding I wanted would come in at Cherry's..I also had a painting I was working on that was taking longer than I expected (above). In the end, though, it all came together and the paintings, invitations and framing all arrived on time.
I had been working on putting all the addresses of collectors and artists on a word document...with a mailing label..that really made things easier....after the initial typing in of names and click and there they were ready to be pressed onto invitations stamped and dropped in the mail. I highly advise keeping this up to date...don't be like me and have a mass of addresses you have to sort out after a few years of collecting them!
The opening was very well attended and pieces were sold the first night...yeah! Another piece sold the next week....and I received a lot of encouragement from fellow artists attending the show.
April Davis was my co-exhibitor....she was also a student when I was still teaching. Her fabulous ceramic work and lovely paintings helped to make this show a wonderful end to the Artcentral calendar year! Thank you, April!
There was also an auction going on at the same help raise funds for a bronzing of fellow artist Bob Tommey's tiger for the Carthage High School....a painting sold through this venue also.
For those of you who don't live around here or haven't been here to Carthage or Joplin and surrounding area we have several famous artists that live in this area or who were born here...the arts in all forms are alive and well here....and there is always something going on! Below is a brief list of some of the artists and events that are most notable:
Andy Thomas
Joe Beeler
Jerry Ellis
Bob Tommey
Lowell Davis
April Davis
Jeff Legg
Doug Hall
Midwest Gathering Of The Artists
Spiva Center for the Arts
Red Oak II
Cherry's Gallery
The Dancers Studio
Stones Throw Dinner Theater

Coming up...commission with progression.....more sales...more new event.....Christmas..
See you next time,

Co-exhibitor April Davis with Dr. Edwards

Andy Thomas talking with Max



Dina Thomas admiring my diptych...

Host and Director of Artcentral, Sally Armstrong

The Party getting started....




New work

Friday, December 11, 2009


Scaling Eggs 12x24 oil

As I said has been a busy several months. After the MGA and all the thank you cards and house was time to get ready for my next event. A two woman show at the local art center here in Carthage. Myself and artist April Davis were to put on a show for November 20, 2009. Not a problem...except most everything I had painted in 2009 had I was again panicky. Yikes ....I need more work! So what does any artist do...back to the easel and start painting.
The still life paintings had been doing so well that I decided to do a few more....or at least try. Max's Dad had an old egg scale hanging around the house that I had taken a real liking to. It had a pleasing abstract form.....there were some fallen leaves out side the back door, rich in color, deep crimsons and warm ochers! I had visualized the setup for some time. But alas life intervenes, is all good and enjoyable...I just needed to organize my time!
We had some visitors here for part of October....this was a fantastic surprise. Old friends from when I lived in Hawaii were here in the mainland and we got in touch through one of my children and planned a visit. Doug and Luana drove here and spent two weeks...we had a wonderful time!! A little Hobby Lobby shopping (material for the still life, a tube or two of paint and a frame on sale that was pretty nice) checking out some furniture and several trips eating out! Some drinks and hors d' oeuvres at our house and there travel trailer. Lots of catching up....lots of fun and good conversation. In between I worked on paintings to a small degree...and planned Max's and my costume for an upcoming Halloween Party! Medusa and Slingblade.
Everything worked out even though I got a little anxious about deadlines. I managed to complete three new paintings and cut another large one into a diptych, plus a few framed prints for the upstairs gallery at Artcentral. It was all going to be okay...thank goodness!
Here are a few pics from the good times and a few new paintings.
I will continue my update and pictures tomorrow,
Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.


Midnight On Clinton Street 8x10 Oil

De La Mer 18x18 Sold oil

Me( Medusa) and Max (Slingblade) and a friend ( The Cisco Kid)...Halloween 2009

Me, Max, Jim and Linda (our host)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Rest of The Story......

After The Hunt 24x30 oil Sold

As I promised yesterday...the surprising outcome of the painting "After The Hunt"....and another learning experience!!
As I worked on this painting I had many doubts...that happens often...but the fact is I try not to let them aggravate me. I have been showing at the MGA for about 5 years....I always sell and I always have a great time visiting with all the artists...some I have known for quite a few years....some I only see at the show once a year. It is always great to get together and see the new work everyone has and as always just visit and talk art. I won an award there once and was really was my first year participating in that event. It was a real treat....but I honestly never thought I would get another one. There are several extremely good artists there and...well...I just thought I was out of the running. Mind you...I am like anyone else....I wanted to win...and sometimes I thought I should have received something.....but the facts are facts...I just wasn't good enough. Well, I anticipated another no win year....sells maybe...yes...maybe?? Win, no..!
Surprise, surprise! As I watched and listened for my name to be was not to be...several other fabulous artists were taking the know we are the same...everyone wants some recognition for their hard work...teehee...go ahead admit it....It's pretty natural! Well, my name did get called...the first award was for $500. Fantastic....I could sit down and relax and enjoy everyone else win. No sooner had I got back to my name was called again! This time for another $1o00 head was beginning to spin and I was feeling a little light headed! I turned to walk back to me seat and not gotten more than halfway and, yes, I heard my name again...was I hearing things???, I had won a $1000 award! Yikes, it can't be....OMG... How? what? who???. Reeling from the stunning news I had actually no idea at the time how much any of these awards were for....there had been no time to count or even open the envelopes....and...then....Yes, my name was called yet again! As I turned and walked back to receive the final award (4 total)....I remember saying jokingly and out of some embarrassment "Honestly, I haven't paid off any of the judges to get these awards!" On the way back to my seat I really felt like I was on air...numerous friends, artists and guests rushed to congratulate me! I was, well frankly, elated and honored and proud that I had worked so hard on that painting! As I got back to my seat...Max and a friend of mine and former student April Davis, asked me ..."So how much did you the envelopes add it up!!" I did...hands shaking...the total was a grand $4500 in winnings alone. Lesson just never's always a roll of the dice and the best you can do! No one will ever know how honored I was!
The list of awards is below:
Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Arvest Bank Award $500

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Ruth I. Kolpin Award $1000

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Helen S. Boylan Award $1000

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Wendy Award $2000
The prize money was spent well, I supplies, framing bill, scanning bill, new computer, new camera, a big screen TV for Max with Tivo and Netflix instant viewing and some other odds and ends. We had a lot of fun shopping for the TV which I had promised Max for football season if I sold well at the show. The grand total for that weekend between prizes and sales was $7,000....I still find it hard to believe and I am extremely thankful!
If that wasn't wasn't but a few days after that I was told my piece for the Richard Schmid Auction had been greatly admired by artists and patrons alike and bid up way past the gallery price. So I received another nice little check...I then received an order for some prints.
September was an extremely profitable month as well as busy! It took quite a bit of time to get everything installed and hooked up...we also had the electrician out one more time.
A little update on HCG for those who remember...I have lost a total of 35 pounds...I have ten left to go...which I will do after the Holidays! That will bring me to my goal of 135 pounds...which is what I weighed in High School. Oh...I used some of the winnings to buy just a few knew clothes...after all I am a girl and I love nice things!
More later,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Blog That Almost Wasn't.....

After The Hunt Sold 24x30

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet although it may seem like it....but I did fall into Facebook and almost didn't escape. There is a lot to be said about the instant connections and updates...but it does lack a lot of the personal appeal of blogging. So here I am...back 6 months later and as usual the past months have been extremely busy and rewarding....I guess I don't know any other way to live...the busy part!
If I go back to August...that was when I was doing a lot of canning and also getting ready for the Midwest Gathering of Artists. I did up a lot of tomatoes and peppers...dried onions and herbs. Froze spinach but mostly ate it fresh. Lots of lettuce which finally bolted and not a single raspberry...the birds got them! We still did fairly well though for the most part. The trees have been trimmed so there will ne more light next year and I would like to expand the garden some.
Now on to the painting part. I took on a project that my friend and galler
y owner, Cherry, prompted me to do. I was in her shop and saw some pheasants on a wreath and mentioned I would like to paint them. She wholeheartedly allowed me to use them and we ran over different items to put with it. I finally decided on some copper and onions and a piece of oriental carpet behind the hanging pheasants. Then threw in a piece of pottery and some cobalt glass and commenced to paint! Well, it was a real learning do you balance all the do you simplify the do you get the feeling of the different textures.....what color are the shadows and how much of them.....and on and on. About 4 weeks later I had my painting...but not without much wailing and gnashing of teeth!! The end result was satisfactory....the best I could possibly do at the time....but that's the way it always is. A continual learning process....each brush mark...each value...the temperature and all the adjustments that go into painting no matter what style you have.
The final panting is at the top..... there is also a photo of the setup but of course it was painted from always.
Thank you everyone who inquired to where I was at...I really appreciate the care and concern...:)
Tomorrow I will tell you about the amazing out come of this painting!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food, Inc, New Studio and More Projects......

For most of us who live and pay attention in this world we are well aware that the marketplace has changed drastically. My message is simple....and proven.....after growing my own food for about 20 years or better.....definitely 14 continuous years (not just a year or two)....I can honestly say...the health effects were amazing. I and my children were never not even a cold. I am 61 and so far still have no signs of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or any other ills. I am constantly told I look 10 to 15 years younger than I am.....and have the energy to go with it. I have a firm belief that lifestyle afforded me many healthful benefits......both physical and mental. I am no longer able to grow all my own food due to living in a far smaller space than I was once accustomed to...but still attempt a small garden every year....the last two years I have been dealing with Black Walnut trees and Pecan I have a lack of sun and toxicity due to the walnuts. The wood is great for smoking meat and is very durable....but anything growing with in a 60 to 70 foot radius is fairly doomed. The black raspberries, several flowers, herbs, lettuce, onion and tomatoes do pretty well, so do the peppers, onions and beans occasionally but everything else does not and wouldn’t it just figure; poison ivy doesn’t mind juglone ( the toxic substance produced by the tree and its roots) and will thrive under a black walnut tree. If you can....grow as much of your own food as possible...of course if you have the availability and I am sorry to say the affordability of organically grown is a great substitute....but no substitute for the closeness and sensitivity you get from working with the earth and animals...not to mention the satisfaction and physical exercise.
I am happy to say I am having an impact in a small way....several people quit buying bottled water after I wrote about it....if I wasn't an artist I would write a blog about good living practices ( I am still learning.... but made quite a lifestyle out of it for many, many years and I still believe we need it) and the choices we make that have an impact on the environment...but I am an artist first...and I don't write about these other things but is some one who does...have a look. The blog is called 365 Days of Trash.....go take a look
I want to take a moment here to thank Pam Imbeau for sending me the most beautiful stainless steel portable beverage container I have ever seen! It is made by EarthLust and it's a beauty!! Thank you Pam and we are looking forward to your visit in August!

! the studio is taken with the lights off!!! Patched, painted, woodwork cleaned up and finished, curtained and practically completely moved in....thank goodness....I need to get to work! The effect of this will further lighten up some other rooms that are over crowded.....simply by moving a few things around. We hope to do the entry way has a lot of wall space and makes a lovely small gallery.....but the wall plaster has seen better days and better wallpaper. So stripping, patching, cleaning up the woodwork and painting is in order here also! Fortunately none of the woodwork has been painted in this old Victorian home (except the kitchen and one bathroom...which is okay) I don't have to strip it! Max will take a break for awhile before tackling another project....don't know what I would do without him. I am sooo lucky to have him!There's the news for now....until next time....
best of everything to you and yours, Theresa

Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio News.....

"Shadows and Sand" accepted entry

Just a quick update...Max and I have been working on my new studio. I have selected the wall color...the same color or a close variation there of that many other artists use in their respective studios. These artists are David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Dan Gerhartz, Richard Schmid, William Whitaker and many, many more. It is a warm gray green. The theory is that this color is very good for seeing flesh tones and preventing light from bouncing all around the studio and therefore getting accurate darks. I have seen this color at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona when I attended there on scholarship. It is a great color to work in. I searched the internet and came up with the info to get the color. Here is the link where you can see the color and read more about it and who uses it, etc. I then went to the paint chips and picked out the color closest to what I had found and had it mixed up. Keep your fingers crossed...I hope I got it right!
We had to scrape ancient wallpaper off the walls....this was also Max's room growing up. He had some psychedelic artwork on the walls (we were children of the 60's!)...on top of the paper actually. There was also a lot of writings on the wall under the paper from his big sister Mary Jo. Lots of memories...and a little teasing. There was a weight chart when Max decided to gain muscle and mass in order to play football...Which he did! Max..the dear has been working on this for a while now and we are close to done. Thank goodness!!....if I don't start painting soon...I will explode or I will have totally forgotten what I am doing!!! The first image is where I paint now (complete with studio buddies) is a corner of the computer/office room. It works....but I have to move things around a lot when I set up for still life's and it is difficult to leave some things out without being in the way somewhat. I also have a lot of still life items on shelves and in closets...lots of books and of course art materials!

A few other notes...I was accepted into The ANA Regional is a ten state regional show. My painting "Shadows and Sand" was the piece accepted (shown above). I have two other important shows coming up and need to get to work for them also. I have not been a good blogger.....but I truly am thankful that I have all of you visiting and leaving comments. Your work and efforts do not go unnoticed.
Until the next entry,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Baaaaack........

"Vecchio E Sereno" oil on panel 18x10
After a wonderful trip out of state, visiting some old friends (we partied like rock stars as the saying goes), an enjoyable and fun visit from Max's son for about three weeks, and a great 4th of July party at a fellow artists home.....the past month has flown by! It has been, as always, a whirlwind of activity and the past three days I have barely done a thing....and frankly it feels pretty good! Does anyone know why you have to come home from vacation to rest? I thought that's what vacations were for!! At any was ALL good!
The painting I the last blog went to the sidelines temporarily and instead I completed a still life before I is the first image on this blog. I am planning several more garlic themed pieces. Doing several paintings on one theme is not something I have done in the past I have seen....most artists do this either regularly or for some time during there career. I have been painting about 8 years now...and have only done the series thing three times. Oddly enough another piece sold recently that was from a series...."Little Guys" ...a series of six little paintings based on tiny or young animals with a humorous can see them here. They are all sold now. I also plan another series of little guys.

"Hanging By A Prayer" 8x10 oil on panel
I sold the last one last week...or I should say I got the check for it. Nice surprise! I also sold the little bottle from the gallery (Cherry's) I am in and gained another new client.

"Antique Bottle In An Antique Frame" 4x5 oil on panel
I will be moving my studio to a larger space upstairs...we will see how that works...I keep trying to find a place where I can concentrate and still feel like part of the household it possible...or am I being unrealistic??? LOL! I have been known to be somewhat unrealistic...:)!
Lots of paintings in my head....and I am dying to get to work again on a steady basis. One in particular will require a lot of background work...but it is coming together....I shall not mention anything until I have a heck of a good start. I believe in saving my voice for the paint!
Well, folks and fellow bloggers that's it for now...Between my website, blog and Facebook....I am spreading myself way to thin. I will be cutting back on Facebook.
Glad to be back,

Friday, June 5, 2009

Time Flies....

Quiet Determination...posted on Every Photo Tells A Story

Time flies when you're having fun....right? Right! I haven't been doing much of anything else other than that. Playing outside in the sun and trying to keep the yard up. Entered two shows and was juried into both of them. I have also been fortunate enough to gain a mentor....his work is highly respected, in many galleries and I am honored that he would critique my work and coach me along. I am looking for a house in this market....I would like to use it as my studio and also teach there and hold workshops. Max and I have helped, Inez, his daughter move out and she is really looking forward to having her own place. We attended a ballet performance she was in....and I went backstage and took pictures. Max's son graduated high school...whew!...last one for him and he will becoming to visit soon. I will also be leaving for Phoenix later this month to visit old friends and family. Facebook is taking up a lot of time (especially Farm Town) I may have to cut back there considerably! But it is a great way to connect!
I would like to mention that I am so honored that so many people have decided to follow me here and on Facebook....I am truly in awe by this..I will try to provide interesting stimulus for those who are following along.
Last but not least....I have begun painting after a long break. Here are a few pictures of the start. Also Nancy over at Every Photo Tells A Story has used one of my paintings on her June 5, 2009 blog. She has also described my work in a beautiful way!! Thank you Nancy!
Here are the photos of the start....

The beginning...consists of a violet wash over the canvas, quick sketch, thin darks and an indication of the brushwork I am looking to achieve.

Just a close up of the area worked on from the first photo.

A considerably more amount of work....still keeping the darks thin...conscientious color choices...begin working on water and weedy area. At first my biggest concern was the perspective...looking down on the young woman in the water. I think i have managed to make that work...the color choices are a triad of various mixtures of violet, orange and of my favorites...I will post the photo reference when the painting is complete. I would also like to mention...I really do not like working from photos anymore....but sometimes....I must!
We are heading into summer here and it will be so humid I will hardly be able to bear going outside....but I will try! I am really a cold weather girl...:)
Happy Spring Days To All,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Staying Way Too Busy....

I am so far behind in blogging I should start doing it once a month so it appears like I am on target when I'm really not!
It has been a wonderful, weary, exhilarating, successful, rewarding, humbling, hard, busy and most delightful three weeks or so since I last posted. I will keep this short and not to flowery and give a simple line by line knock down blow by blow account of events and turns of the past while!
Here goes:
1. The show at Spiva was successful and I sold two paintings for a good sum, gathered two new collectors and the show was held over an extra day for the directors Mothers Birthday. I was honored! We removed it the following day.
2. I have sold 6 paintings in the last two weeks....economy...shmonomy!! I sold two out of the gallery (Cherry's my cheerleader!~! Thank you!) I am in and gained a serious collector there also, two at the Spiva Show and two at St. Avips a large yearly affair that provides a silent auction, formal ball and sit down dinner to benefit the artists and art center in our community...quite fancy for our part of the world!
3. Went to Bentonville AR. and plein air painted for three days with a large bunch from down there. Among them personal friends Todd Williams, John Lasater, Vicki Ross, Jo Hall, Margie Moss, Sue Dixon and Julie Mayser to name just a few. It rained some but was nice most of the time and it was just what the doctor ordered!! Next post will have a bigger report and slide show!
4. Mailed and delivered entries to several different shows including ANA, Powers Museum and Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction.
5. Restocked the gallery I am in with new of which promptly sold. (Cherry's)
6. Taking care of my seedlings and getting the yard ready for the garden.
7. Re-potting houseplants...that have long since outgrown there containers.
8. Cleaning up my studio.
9. Re-framing paintings. I just drop them off and pick out molding.
10. Catching up on mail and cleaning after being gone from the house for three days and unpacking.
11. Looking forward to getting to painting ...have several ideas I want to express.

There you have it...Above and below are two of the paintings done plein air.
Thank you to all who have posted and signed are all appreciated and viewed although I don't always bad!
You gotta love the Universe!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Oops....And An Update

"White Pitcher, Lemon and Grapes" 14x18 oil

As some of you know I was selected by Richard Schmid to participate in his Fine Art Auction this year. I just received an email and they told me it was the other painting "Coastal" that he picked...and here is a picture of it.

"Coastal" 11x14 oil

The artists party for St. Avips was last night and we had a great time....I commend the ladies for putting this thing together so expertly each and every year. The Silent Auction and fancy dress ball is May 1st.......I will be there to mingle that evening also.
Tomorrow is the last day of my workshop and I have a great bunch of people who are so eager to learn!!!
May 7,8,9 is a Plein Air Paint Out I have been invited to attend....that should be a challenge!!!
Above is the finished demo from Neosho...."White Pitcher With Lemons and Grapes".
Kind of busy here I have two more paintings to finish before I can get back to what I love to do....romantic figurative and portraits!!!!

Much love to all and happy painting,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living Artfully.......

Happy Earth Day!! After almost 40 years of experiencing Earth day and trying to live as green as I can (and often laughed at in the process) which by the way does not give me pause at all....I see we have not moved too much closer to our original resolve. I would like to ask just one thing of everyone who reads this blog. Please do not buy water in plastic bottles anymore...this is one thing everyone can do to cut down on pollution and reckless waste of energy. Get a filter and attach it to your faucet....or a pitcher that drips through and makes clean water. Also if you eat less prepared food and use fresh and cook...there is less packaging required. These two things will make a tremendous difference if everyone does it. I have been living this way for a very very long time and it is really very simple and something everyone can do and feel the effects of. To those of you who are already doing so...Bravo!! You are making a huge difference. That said on to other news!!!

Thank you to every single person who comments here visits here or passes by in one way or another! I have been so busy I have not had a chance to personally reply to everyone's comments or visit everyone's it is my loss. On the other hand I have had many new and exciting experiences! The party for The Edward Jones Financial Group was a delightful success. Many of my personal clients dropped in and want commissions or have a painting they saw on my website that they want. Several people wanted prints and a few paintings are marked on hold! is the best news!!!!

RICHARD SCHMID HIMSELF HAS PICKED MY PAINTING! The rules changed this year and everyone who was an automatic entry based on there quality and selling was no longer automatically invited. He decided to limit the entries to 52 this year instead of 75 as in previous years. Believe me I was really worried that I would not get juried in ( Max...the big show off never once doubted in me....the man amazes me!)....there were 100's of below is the copy of the letter I part:

Dear Theresa,
The selection of art for the 2009 Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction has been made. Richard tells us that it took longer to choose than he anticipated because he agonized over trying to limit his selections to 50 works. In the end, of the hundreds of images submitted, he chose 52 pieces.

Richard chose those pieces strictly based on on his opinion of how well they might sell in the auction.
Images were identified by a number only and he did not know who the contributing artist was.

Your work, "House on Harmony Road" was chosen for the live auction this year!

Thanks for taking part in the selection process.

Wes (last years auction list)

House On Harmony Road 16x20 oil

On other fronts...the demo and workshop went great!! I had a wonderful audience and managed to begin a lovely little still life (below)....painting in front of people has always been a little disconcerting for me (it is such a private thing for me) but as time goes on and experience and confidence starts to become fun and....thank goodness....not so traumatic!!. I might add that no one.....absolutely no one has ever recognized my shyness or nervousness in this area of being around people...but what goes on inside is like a tempest!! Hmmm....I guess I can act, too! LOL! The workshop will last one more day and then that is done...some money made at these events too. St. Avips a local invitational event is coming up...the artist's party for this event is April 24 and the silent auction is May 1. I will try to have three pieces for St. promises though. I need to get a couple of paintings scanned for entry into some shows and deliver some new work to Cherry's Gallery and get some frames made. Things stay busy I guess I like it like that!

Neosho Demo beginning 14x18 oil

In the gardening is too wet to do much and some of the seedlings I started got damping off disease from it being on the cool side. I will restart a few more and call it good. The rest can be direct seeded outside.
Back to the easel for the next few days, and here is something I said while giving the demo that tickled the ladies and gentlemen.
I was describing how art begets art...for me living in an artful and beautiful surrounding helps me create. I mentioned that I try to live artfully. I am certainly not the only one nor am I the first one to say this....but it was the first time some people had heard it. .........Now I am being quoted......ha!
Life is good no matter how you slice it,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Canadian Morning....for Barbara

Kitchen Morning 12x12 oil

Barbara Muir ....fantastic Canadian artist, famous Skype artist, fellow blogger, inspiring supporter and I am proud to say a friend of mine had a lovely photo posted on her blog a few months ago. I immediately fell in love with the color and light she had captured in that photo and she was kind enough to allow me to paint it. If you have not seen her work or read her better get over there right now!! I know Barbara personally....she is a delightful human being and I have never seen anyone accomplish so much in so little time....she is amazing!!! Three cheers for Barbara and a bless you for being so inspirational and generous!!
So, I am happy (hurray), once again, with my new piece.....I feel it is painterly ( lots of thick paint and brushwork) and romantic ( love the palette and sense of light)....and I feel ever closer to the message and voice I want my work to say. Thank you Barbara for everything you give in your work your blog and your generous spirit. I hope this piece is as pleasing to you....and everyone it is to me!!
This coming week is crunch time...again! I must prepare for a client party for my show at Spiva on Friday....a 4 hour demo I am giving Saturday.....and a workshop I am giving on Sunday. The following week is shaping up to be equally busy. I have been so consumed with work ( trying to produce high quality work at the rate of two per week) that I have forgotten to enter two local shows...that's okay I have more awards than I have room for and am seriously trying to improve my work and keep the house and family humming....all a big job when you are trying to do it right!
Until later....the Universe rocks!!!,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking For My Voice....

Summer Dreams 16x20 oil

Here is one of the "under wraps" projects I have been working on. I am really thrilled with many of the aspects of this painting .
I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what I want to paint and the approach I want to take. When I admire other peoples work...I see many things that they do that I would like to include....but there are also things that happen when I paint that I love also...and i don't think it is so bad to have a healthy respect for your work as long as one sees the need for improvement. I believe we are all aware of that!
I love romance....can't you tell???!! So I thought there needed to be a real romantic streak in my subject matter. I have had many people tell me that there is a romance in everything I paint...from still life's to landscapes on to figuratives...that's good...cause that's me...extremely sensitive and romantic! So I was already halfway there...I love the Pre-Raphaelites but not necessarily the time period they portrayed, especially Waterhouse who may or may not be a real Pre-Raphaelite! I love Alma Tadema's subject matter and I love painting people....of all ages. The human body is beautiful and the faces of the young and old are so full of character and emotion. As for paint application I love a loose semi abstract application a la Schmid or Sargent or Pino...but I also admire the skill and challenge of a more photographic illusion such as Paul McCormack, Jeremy Lipking and Paul Oxborough to name a few. When I paint I love the look of a puzzle somewhat...little pieces of color and value next to each other creating the whole. I love color...clean rich jewel tones and transparencies and lovely subtle grays to accent the color! So after much thinking and soul searching...brainstorming and searching through my stock connections. I am trying to put together all these qualities...I really like it when realism meets impressionism...and I am trying to do what seems to have come naturally to me since I was in college....along the way I will hopefully improve my skills and find my particular voice...the voice that will be seen in everything I do.
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