Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best Laid Schemes O' Mice An' Men.........

Theresa's Pansies 8x16 Oil Sold
I always say I am going to blog continuously like so many other bloggers...then life gets in the way...or should I say living life gets in the way. I have been plenty to say (just ask my boyfriend and friends...I am more than opinionated at times....and always have something to say. So here I am yet again...and yet again behind in blogging...I haven't even been on Facebook but momentarily.I have been more than busy living life, also.
As last mentioned I have acquired a patron who is more than generous in keeping me busy....and more than generous with emotional support. I have completed several paintings for a musically themed suite of paintings. Several other pieces have been acquired to there collection. You can see them below.
Gardening is another lifelong hobby and the vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are rolling in. Thank goodness Max (who also has a very green thumb) likes to garden also or I could not do it all!! I have pictures and will try to get them up also.
I have also been doing a lot of studying....just trying to get better with edges and color. So I read a lot, I am especially enjoying my two new books one on Sorolla the other on Sargent. That makes five Sargent books I have now.....Oh, if I could only paint like him now...or Schmid or 100 other artists who have aspects of their work that I deeply admire!
I also attended a plein air paint out that was great fun even if rained most of the time...I still got a couple of decent paintings out....and one sold. There is no better training than painting from life!!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying there summer...we have been. There has been everything from a party on Memorial Day at our house to a sadly attended funeral of our 92 year old neighbor and dear childhood friend of Max's to toiling in the garden in unbelievable humidity and enjoying thunderstorms on our front porch.
Below find some recently sold pieces and some not sold yet.
Next up large step by step portrait and the story of a painting that I never cared if I sold...but did!
Best to Everyone and Enjoy Life,

Rose Bower Oil Sold Plein Air

Rose Trellis Plein Air (finished at home)