Monday, February 27, 2012

Back Again......

Backstage 16x20 Sold
  I have been gone way too long...not going to say to much at this point but will be catching up with all the work I have done, sold and exhibited. Thank you all who have continued to ask me to post again and all the new followers that have signed on!
 I have an art page on Facebook and links on my website...if you would be so good as to like anything there it would be my honor!
 I will star of by posting a recent commission. The photo is one of mine that I took backstage at a performance by The Dancers Studio in Carthage, Missouri. It is owned by my partner, Max's daughter..I take her as my own. She is also the artistic director and choreographer and teaches a large amount of students there. Max and I help out with props from time to time.
Here is a bit of a progression. Have a fantastic painting week ahead! Theresa

In progress

Closeup of faces

Soon to be a small painting

Closeup of central figure-Our neighbors daughter