Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Oops....And An Update

"White Pitcher, Lemon and Grapes" 14x18 oil

As some of you know I was selected by Richard Schmid to participate in his Fine Art Auction this year. I just received an email and they told me it was the other painting "Coastal" that he picked...and here is a picture of it.

"Coastal" 11x14 oil

The artists party for St. Avips was last night and we had a great time....I commend the ladies for putting this thing together so expertly each and every year. The Silent Auction and fancy dress ball is May 1st.......I will be there to mingle that evening also.
Tomorrow is the last day of my workshop and I have a great bunch of people who are so eager to learn!!!
May 7,8,9 is a Plein Air Paint Out I have been invited to attend....that should be a challenge!!!
Above is the finished demo from Neosho...."White Pitcher With Lemons and Grapes".
Kind of busy here I have two more paintings to finish before I can get back to what I love to do....romantic figurative and portraits!!!!

Much love to all and happy painting,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living Artfully.......

Happy Earth Day!! After almost 40 years of experiencing Earth day and trying to live as green as I can (and often laughed at in the process) which by the way does not give me pause at all....I see we have not moved too much closer to our original resolve. I would like to ask just one thing of everyone who reads this blog. Please do not buy water in plastic bottles anymore...this is one thing everyone can do to cut down on pollution and reckless waste of energy. Get a filter and attach it to your faucet....or a pitcher that drips through and makes clean water. Also if you eat less prepared food and use fresh and cook...there is less packaging required. These two things will make a tremendous difference if everyone does it. I have been living this way for a very very long time and it is really very simple and something everyone can do and feel the effects of. To those of you who are already doing so...Bravo!! You are making a huge difference. That said on to other news!!!

Thank you to every single person who comments here visits here or passes by in one way or another! I have been so busy I have not had a chance to personally reply to everyone's comments or visit everyone's it is my loss. On the other hand I have had many new and exciting experiences! The party for The Edward Jones Financial Group was a delightful success. Many of my personal clients dropped in and want commissions or have a painting they saw on my website that they want. Several people wanted prints and a few paintings are marked on hold! is the best news!!!!

RICHARD SCHMID HIMSELF HAS PICKED MY PAINTING! The rules changed this year and everyone who was an automatic entry based on there quality and selling was no longer automatically invited. He decided to limit the entries to 52 this year instead of 75 as in previous years. Believe me I was really worried that I would not get juried in ( Max...the big show off never once doubted in me....the man amazes me!)....there were 100's of below is the copy of the letter I part:

Dear Theresa,
The selection of art for the 2009 Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction has been made. Richard tells us that it took longer to choose than he anticipated because he agonized over trying to limit his selections to 50 works. In the end, of the hundreds of images submitted, he chose 52 pieces.

Richard chose those pieces strictly based on on his opinion of how well they might sell in the auction.
Images were identified by a number only and he did not know who the contributing artist was.

Your work, "House on Harmony Road" was chosen for the live auction this year!

Thanks for taking part in the selection process.

Wes (last years auction list)

House On Harmony Road 16x20 oil

On other fronts...the demo and workshop went great!! I had a wonderful audience and managed to begin a lovely little still life (below)....painting in front of people has always been a little disconcerting for me (it is such a private thing for me) but as time goes on and experience and confidence starts to become fun and....thank goodness....not so traumatic!!. I might add that no one.....absolutely no one has ever recognized my shyness or nervousness in this area of being around people...but what goes on inside is like a tempest!! Hmmm....I guess I can act, too! LOL! The workshop will last one more day and then that is done...some money made at these events too. St. Avips a local invitational event is coming up...the artist's party for this event is April 24 and the silent auction is May 1. I will try to have three pieces for St. promises though. I need to get a couple of paintings scanned for entry into some shows and deliver some new work to Cherry's Gallery and get some frames made. Things stay busy I guess I like it like that!

Neosho Demo beginning 14x18 oil

In the gardening is too wet to do much and some of the seedlings I started got damping off disease from it being on the cool side. I will restart a few more and call it good. The rest can be direct seeded outside.
Back to the easel for the next few days, and here is something I said while giving the demo that tickled the ladies and gentlemen.
I was describing how art begets art...for me living in an artful and beautiful surrounding helps me create. I mentioned that I try to live artfully. I am certainly not the only one nor am I the first one to say this....but it was the first time some people had heard it. .........Now I am being quoted......ha!
Life is good no matter how you slice it,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Canadian Morning....for Barbara

Kitchen Morning 12x12 oil

Barbara Muir ....fantastic Canadian artist, famous Skype artist, fellow blogger, inspiring supporter and I am proud to say a friend of mine had a lovely photo posted on her blog a few months ago. I immediately fell in love with the color and light she had captured in that photo and she was kind enough to allow me to paint it. If you have not seen her work or read her better get over there right now!! I know Barbara personally....she is a delightful human being and I have never seen anyone accomplish so much in so little time....she is amazing!!! Three cheers for Barbara and a bless you for being so inspirational and generous!!
So, I am happy (hurray), once again, with my new piece.....I feel it is painterly ( lots of thick paint and brushwork) and romantic ( love the palette and sense of light)....and I feel ever closer to the message and voice I want my work to say. Thank you Barbara for everything you give in your work your blog and your generous spirit. I hope this piece is as pleasing to you....and everyone it is to me!!
This coming week is crunch time...again! I must prepare for a client party for my show at Spiva on Friday....a 4 hour demo I am giving Saturday.....and a workshop I am giving on Sunday. The following week is shaping up to be equally busy. I have been so consumed with work ( trying to produce high quality work at the rate of two per week) that I have forgotten to enter two local shows...that's okay I have more awards than I have room for and am seriously trying to improve my work and keep the house and family humming....all a big job when you are trying to do it right!
Until later....the Universe rocks!!!,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking For My Voice....

Summer Dreams 16x20 oil

Here is one of the "under wraps" projects I have been working on. I am really thrilled with many of the aspects of this painting .
I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what I want to paint and the approach I want to take. When I admire other peoples work...I see many things that they do that I would like to include....but there are also things that happen when I paint that I love also...and i don't think it is so bad to have a healthy respect for your work as long as one sees the need for improvement. I believe we are all aware of that!
I love romance....can't you tell???!! So I thought there needed to be a real romantic streak in my subject matter. I have had many people tell me that there is a romance in everything I paint...from still life's to landscapes on to figuratives...that's good...cause that's me...extremely sensitive and romantic! So I was already halfway there...I love the Pre-Raphaelites but not necessarily the time period they portrayed, especially Waterhouse who may or may not be a real Pre-Raphaelite! I love Alma Tadema's subject matter and I love painting people....of all ages. The human body is beautiful and the faces of the young and old are so full of character and emotion. As for paint application I love a loose semi abstract application a la Schmid or Sargent or Pino...but I also admire the skill and challenge of a more photographic illusion such as Paul McCormack, Jeremy Lipking and Paul Oxborough to name a few. When I paint I love the look of a puzzle somewhat...little pieces of color and value next to each other creating the whole. I love color...clean rich jewel tones and transparencies and lovely subtle grays to accent the color! So after much thinking and soul searching...brainstorming and searching through my stock connections. I am trying to put together all these qualities...I really like it when realism meets impressionism...and I am trying to do what seems to have come naturally to me since I was in college....along the way I will hopefully improve my skills and find my particular voice...the voice that will be seen in everything I do.
Thanks for visiting,