Friday, May 15, 2009

Staying Way Too Busy....

I am so far behind in blogging I should start doing it once a month so it appears like I am on target when I'm really not!
It has been a wonderful, weary, exhilarating, successful, rewarding, humbling, hard, busy and most delightful three weeks or so since I last posted. I will keep this short and not to flowery and give a simple line by line knock down blow by blow account of events and turns of the past while!
Here goes:
1. The show at Spiva was successful and I sold two paintings for a good sum, gathered two new collectors and the show was held over an extra day for the directors Mothers Birthday. I was honored! We removed it the following day.
2. I have sold 6 paintings in the last two weeks....economy...shmonomy!! I sold two out of the gallery (Cherry's my cheerleader!~! Thank you!) I am in and gained a serious collector there also, two at the Spiva Show and two at St. Avips a large yearly affair that provides a silent auction, formal ball and sit down dinner to benefit the artists and art center in our community...quite fancy for our part of the world!
3. Went to Bentonville AR. and plein air painted for three days with a large bunch from down there. Among them personal friends Todd Williams, John Lasater, Vicki Ross, Jo Hall, Margie Moss, Sue Dixon and Julie Mayser to name just a few. It rained some but was nice most of the time and it was just what the doctor ordered!! Next post will have a bigger report and slide show!
4. Mailed and delivered entries to several different shows including ANA, Powers Museum and Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction.
5. Restocked the gallery I am in with new of which promptly sold. (Cherry's)
6. Taking care of my seedlings and getting the yard ready for the garden.
7. Re-potting houseplants...that have long since outgrown there containers.
8. Cleaning up my studio.
9. Re-framing paintings. I just drop them off and pick out molding.
10. Catching up on mail and cleaning after being gone from the house for three days and unpacking.
11. Looking forward to getting to painting ...have several ideas I want to express.

There you have it...Above and below are two of the paintings done plein air.
Thank you to all who have posted and signed are all appreciated and viewed although I don't always bad!
You gotta love the Universe!