Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008...........

Well, we are finally better! Max and I have recovered from the grand kids "gift" and were able to go to the Halloween party although we didn't stay very late. The next day was a Thanksgiving dinner since some of the family would be in Alaska during Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun at the Halloween party and almost everyone dressed up. It was held at the home of artist friend Linda Simpson...lots of good stuff to eat and we had a ball handy out candy to all the trick-or-treaters. As I mentioned before Max and I went as Deadwood.....he was an 1800's bartender and I was a saloon girl. The photos are not as good as they could be.....but oh well!

Dropped off my painting at the ANA art show...but forgot to take one to SPIVA our local arts council....I think I may need a secretary..LOL! The dates are confirmed for the two solo shows I will be having next year. I guess all my paperwork is in order except for a massive mail merge address list I need to input into the computer. All the info is on my website.
I am still putting away the stuff in the living room....which also has stuff that goes in the garage and upstairs and in the kitchen. In order to put something away or move a piece of furniture....something else has to be moved and then something else and so on and so on. Combining two households is very, very different from moving into an empty house!!! I am so glad that Max is the patient sort....I tend to be...hurry up and get it all done in one day type. Thank goodness for the balance!
Aside from recovering we are both consumed with the election.....I am addicted to the electoral vote maps....and is Max. A day does not go by when we check the poll spread and listen to the latest stumping and analyzing!!! We will be sooooooo glad when this election is over! It is obvious I will not rest until tomorrow after voting. Some of the hate mongering and smear campaigning is becoming way to much for me. Then, of course, there is waiting for the results......!
Well, thats about it for today.....I will be back soon!
Love, Theresa


eldon warren said...

Hi Theresa, looks like your halloween was busy and fun. Ours went nearly unnoticed. Don't know why but the kiddos just seem to miss us here. It's sorta humorous you writing about halloween and the election in the same post. Mostly tricks this year tho.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,

So good to see you back. You looked
beautiful in your Halloween costume.
And Max looked great. I think the whole world is holding its breath right now.

More about that another day -- like
Wednesday I hope.

Take care,

Love Barbara

Erika Nelson said...

What couple o' lookers you are! I dare you guys to wear those to the ANA reception and give this area a dose of humor hahaha! Congrats, you and Vicki have pieces accepted, I didn't get in this year my first rejection, not my last I'm sure but I'll plan to attend the reception. Did you see the 5x5 exhibit? I have my Obama and McCain pieces there already getting attention I hear :)

Stay on the road to recovery! I watch a little SNL to keep some levity in my election viewing. And I'm so happy to have already voted!

I hope you guys end up in a painting - cool costumes!

Lori DeLozier said...

You look great! What fun! (I was a big fat bumble bee. Actually trick-or-treated like that ... walking down the streets like a giant hazard sign or something, haha.) Love, L

PS...I didn't really trick-or-treat, just escorted my grandsons. I haven't gone completely crazy. Yet.

Theresa Rankin said...

Eldon for years when I lived in the country no one came to my house for Halloween. It was great fun to see all the little children dressed up...parents too. The little town I live in now is pretty much what one would call hometown America. People get right in to every season, holiday and event. I am really enjoying living in the city again...I didn't think I would since I spent most of life in the country with closest neighbor about a mile away!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Barbara...Max and I really enjoyed dressing up! Sorry to be so behind in replies! I think you know how much I enjoy hearing from you!!

Theresa Rankin said...

You know a painting sounds pretty fun...and thank you for your wonderful support and ideas! I am glad you early voted and that it is done. Lookers??? Well, thank you!!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hi Lori I bet you were a adorable as a bumble bee. Watching the kids trick or treat when they were young was so much fun! Now I occasionally get to see my grand kids do it.....just as much fun if not more!!! Thank you for the compliment and visiting!!