Monday, December 22, 2008

A Crisis Is Less Likely To Revise Ones Nature Than To Reveal It...

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Well, friends, the holidays are in full swing and I am caught up in a round of visiting baking, cooking, painting and just plain enjoying the season! As I reflected on seasons past I thought of all the Christmases I have had so far. Some were extremely good and others not so good. It is my sincerest wish that you are all happy healthy and have all you that you need...that your friends and family surround you and have what they need too. These are tough times for many and I feel for those less fortunate. It is my prayer and wish that the coming times are bearable and do not get any worse for those less fortunate.
For myself....I cannot believe my good fortune. There have been many times in my life when I lived on as little as $400 dollars a month. This is not meant to make anyone feel sorry for me or anything as dramatic as that...far from it. What was so important about those times was I learned how to live with less, learned how to make and fix many things that perhaps I normally would not have learned.... many Christmases were spent making homemade gifts or having none at all...but the most important thing was the connection of friends and family. Two times in particular I remember two separate families in Utah, aware of my and my children's circumstances... giving us Christmas....including a tree, gifts and dinner. The lessons learned left me with much to be thankful for. My children are grown now and very successful....and yes they remember those times clearly. I am a strong believer that it is what is in ones heart and not their wallet that makes all the difference in the world. Yes it would be a dream come true to be a highly successful artist....but I would rather be a highly successful human being and that somehow, someway my life has made a difference and an impact in a positive way on someone elses.
Here are a few photos of my old house in Kansas and my old, old new house in Carthage. From me to you have a Christmas and New Year filled with peace, love, happiness and creativity...lots of hugs from children and grandchildren and greats if you are there yet...warm smiles and greetings from friends and distant relatives and a twinkle in the eye of a stranger...that you may have just put there yourself.
Much Love,


eldon said...

Wow! I really like the video. I got to know you guys a little better. Nothin wrong with that!
It is a nice gift,

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Very nice Theresa, thank you!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,

We too have had those lean Christmases. We used to make a $5 limit on presents, then $10. But I
remember the year Sam was born, Steven lost his job, and a friend sensing that we needed food sent Christopher home with vegetables, rice and soup.
That year for at least six months friends kept us alive with donations of food and money. You always appreciate work after that.

I agree with you that we are
truly blessed, and I do pray along side with you, that things get better for people who are in sad circumstances all over the world, and that for once and for all we learn to love one another, whoever we are, wherever we come from, and live in peace.

You are a great person, and have already made my life so much richer, just knowing you. Thanks for your inspiring message, and your
inspiring art.

Merry Christmas,

I will enjoy the bounty of this year -- wonderful gifts, loving family and friends, and good health.

Love Barbara

bonnieluria said...

Theresa, your words resonate with the times, truly.
What's in our hearts and not our wallets has hardly seemed more timely.

How delightful to " meet " you in your environment and see a few slices of the wonderful layer cake of your life.

A very Happy New Year to you.

Theresa Rankin said...

You are very welcome, Eldon...and I am really glad you come to visit often. It's like having a friend over for coffee!

Theresa Rankin said...

Carol you are more than was fun to make!

Theresa Rankin said...

Ahhh, are truly wise...and it would seem our life paths have moved along similar lines!

Theresa Rankin said... have a beautiful way with words...thank you and a very Happy New Year to you, too!!!

Ana Tirolese said...

Hi Theresa, I am so thrilled that you found me. I am going to add you to may follow list too.

I put on your video and was enjoying it. My husband was across the room, in his chair, watching over my shoulder. I paused the video to go check on lunch cooking in the kitchen. When I got back to the computer my husband had usurped my seat and was watching your video. "Where is she from?" he asked. And, "She works mainly in oil?", and..."You should enter more juried shows too so your name can get out there." and "Wow, she is really good!" etc. Well, as soon as he finished viewing your video he went and checked your ArtWanted profile, then he went to your website. He was really impressed.


Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you so much Ana!! You can thank your husband also for all the kind words. I will add you to my sidebar and come back often!