Friday, February 6, 2009

This Could Be Called Too Much Information!!

Quiet Evening 30x40 sold
Ok...I have been naughty and not even posted so much as a hello!! I will try to update over the next few days ..all the goings on artwise and personally...geesh where do I begin??
First of all I have been painting, painting, painting (I have a show coming up in one month exactly) when I paint it has to have my undivided attention.... also preparing canvases and touching up and ordering frames....I have also built a database of clients, fellow artists, friends and family, and potential clientele (people who have expressed an interest in my work and or have taken workshops and classes from me or intend to in the future). If you would like to be on the mailing list and live in this vicinity go to my website and email me your address and phone number if you feel like one will know but me...promise!!
The other thing that I have done is get back on my diet and been getting all my checkups done ( cholesterol, mammogram, bone density, etc., etc., etc....I have always been a little on the curvy side...but the last year put 12 pounds on me...that I neither need nor want!!! Now you may wonder why I would even bother to mention this...but there are a few people out there that know some of my health views and what I have been doing about it for some time.
First of all I am very blessed with an extremely good constitution. Most of my family has lived into there 90's and 100's with the exception parents....what??? you say!!! Well, my Dad committed suicide when I was very young (which by the way is another very long story) and my Mom died of undiagnosed metastasized breast cancer at 65 (unbelievably she was afraid to go to the doctor!?) brought on by being an alcoholic and smoking 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day plus a worrisome frame of mind. For myself I have been adamant about eating healthily most of my life...whole grains, vegetables, fruit and lean meats plus the occasional dessert (sometimes too much)!! organic when possible and affordable...(which led me to grow all my own food for many years). I have smoked less in my life than I have been a smoker....about a pack a day when I was smoking and too much alcohol makes me feel miserable!
Back to the checkups have been doctor cannot believe I am 61 (on the 17th if this month), cannot believe what my tests indicate, even my bone density increased by 10% (after falling to a minus level) and my overall age is 42. She also can't believe my legs are in such good shape (no veins)..LOL!! I believe one of the reasonsfor some of this good health is the fact that I use Bio-Identical Hormones (small amount of estrogen plus testosterone and dhea). I have been doing this for about 3 years. Unfortunately, the one bad thing in my checkups was a slight rise in blood pressure...not dangerous but a rise never the less....which brings me back to the weight issue. My doctor suggested HCG. I had never heard of it....but after seeing the scales I was anxious to hear more!! By the way, I pay my doctor with framed giclees which she so kindly has agreed to and obviously she likes my work. So I am now on the HCG Protocol.....OKAY!!!! I am 100% amazed and sold!!
First of all I am Italian....seems to be a bit of a genetic thing...also both parents were over weight at sometimes I get carried away with portion control...I have a slow metabolism and losing weight has always been a slow thing for me although I have done it twice in the past. I am here to tell you...especially the ladies...this is amazing stuff!!!! I have been on this protocol for 5 days and have lost 7 pounds....this has never happened in my life....and the first two days I ate what ever I wanted fact you are supposed too. I am never hungry and do not feel deprived on this way of eating. You can only stay on it for a month than you must rest before you do it again. Wish me luck!!
Well, friends and folks that is some of what I have been up to. Tomorrow, I will begin explaining Jeff's demo. Promise!!!
Back to the easle,


Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,

WELCOME BACK girl!!!! No flies on you.
I missed you big time, and I'm glad you're taking care of all of that stuff. Is there such a thing as too much information?

Happy Birthday --does that make you a Pisces?

Love the painting.

Talk to you really soon!


Kim VanDerhoek said...

First, beautiful painting!

Second, I'm right there with your Dr. I can't believe you're 61 years old?!?! Wow, you look amazing!

And third, HCG, I'm out of the loop on this. Is it a supplement or a prescribed medication?

cathyannburgess said...

Been Blog hopping. Is that a term?
Anyway, found yours and was pleasantly surprised that you know Jeff Legg. I met him this past Sept, while at Estes park painting and he showed me his studio. Very generous man and of course wonderful painter. Learned a whole bunch just being there and seeing things close up and personal.
I like your Tangerine and Open Rose very much.
Your energy is amazing!Keep it up. I will check back from time to time.Can't wait to hear more about your time with Jeff.

José said...

Hi Theresa,

I really like your painting.
You've done a great work on the perspective, especially keeping that water flat. It's not that rare to see these kind of creeks to go "vertical".

Kind regards,


Edward Burton said...

A very lovely painting, Theresa! I completely agree with Kim, I can't believe you are 61!

Carol Horzempa said...

I love your painting, it really draws me in. It makes me want to go further and see what's around the corner. Very nice handling of the vegetation along the stream too. Good luck in your upcoming show!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Barbara..I try to keep the flies of!! I miss blogging but then get all wrapped up in what I am doing! I am an Aquarius/Pisces cusp...oh, and one more little known fact about me...I did astrological charts and read Tarot cards for almost 20 years. I have Sagittarius rising and moon in Taurus...don't know if that is relevant to you or not...Hugs, T.

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Kim and glad you visited..happy you like the painting...I felt very successful with this came out exactly the way I saw it in my head...I'm not always that lucky!
Thank you for the 61 compliment...when I look back over the years..I am a little shocked myself that I am that age! fast effective and can read more about it here...

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Cathy and welcome...I am glad you found me! Jeff is a magnificent painter and a wonderful, generous man ...I have known him for some time now and he has given me much sage advice that I have put to good use. I am glad you got to see his studio...beautiful isn't it!!?..I was also there (Estes and Jeff's studio) in Sept. last year painting and camping at RMNP and we managed to go out for a few drinks and dinner.
I have always had a lot of energy...I think it keeps me young! A great big thank you for your lovely comments!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Many thanks Jose...I try to be very careful about mu perspective! Thank you for noticing it and stopping by to visit!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you so much Edward!! I appreciate your wonderful comment and am glad my age doesn't show to badly!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hurry for Carol!! You recognized the favorite part of my painting and also the part that I thought was the most successful!! Thank you so much for wonderful comment and expressing how this piece affected you....:)

Erika Nelson said...

Such an inviting painting, I love the warmth that waits for me beyond the sticks.

What interesting seasonings life gives to give us character! Anyway, I am battling BP too and it terrifies me that my doc can't seem to hit the right one since I'm still fluctuating since April! Keep it monitored! And wishing you the best on your show preps. Am I on your mailing list? I hope so! HUGS!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hi Erika!! Thank you for the wonderful comment...I appreciate it..:) I would say my life has been dosed with a large amount of spicy hot sauce..LOL! It is all good and I am Okay with most of it. Mostly the doctor thinks I suffer from white coat syndrome as I check it at home and it is almost always 118/70 but at the doctor's it is 135/86 or so. I believe you are on my mailing list if you sent me your address. To be sure go to my website and email it to me again...that's a how I got Vicki's!

Celeste Bergin said...

what is HCG? I want some!

Theresa Rankin said...

HCG is the best thing yet...I can,t believe how fast I lost weight! 17 lbs. in 4 I have to rest and eat a low carb diet before I start again. I am looking to lose another 10 lbs. You can look it up on the internet and their are Clinics and doctors all over. Mine is in Kansas of all places!