Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just a little more......

Ardie's Villa 11x14 sold

Here are a couple of plein air paintings both sold....I have always loved the freshness and spontaneous feel of outdoor painting. They are both from local places just a few miles from me. I wish that same freshness and the chance to paint outdoors happened more frequently. I am still a bit under the weather. Max is recuperating but still coughing.
For today's post I want to respond to a comment that Erika left me yesterday because it had some interesting things that might warrant some of your attentions. Erika is an extremely versatile artist...A stunning human being....and one of the most charming people I know.
First Cut 5x12 sold

Here is Erika's comment:
Artists clean their studios? I think I was absent when they taught that lol That is one serious easel Theresa, it means business! You guys do have a lot of work to do there, but it will all be worth it since you're doing it together and the house does seem like there is new life wanting to break out of it! I know you'll breathe it into it ;)
The kiddies are cute! Awwww the barefooted princess, does she look like your mini-me? Glad you had fun with the family and you even discovered Wii! Looks like something I'd enjoy as I loooove games especially if I can engage the husband to join me.
No worries about posting frequently as long as you promise to let me peek in once in a while. Guess this means you won't be offering a fall workshop here huh? I hope to see you here next year maybe. Welcome home!

October 24, 2008 11:23 PM

Hawaiian Shack 8x10 sold

Regarding cleaning my studio....LOL!! When I am in the middle of painting it is a mess...there are reference materials, paint, paper towels, rags and glasses....brushes piled up in thinner...and numerous bottles and tubes everywhere. We have two dogs and three there is also hair...and it is something I am always on the watch for so I don't end up with "furry" paintings. Once a painting is finished and signed...framed and hung....I have already got another one in the back of my mind. Unless I am experiencing a block or there are impositions on my time. So for me....I find that I need to tidy up my space...clean sweep (mentally and physically) to make room for the next one to grow and take on its own direction. I cannot do that with an abundance of clutter everywhere. It's just I am. I need things open and clear to allow a free flow of thought. Call it Feng Shui...if you like...but it does work for me. My easel is serious...I just feels comfortable to me and I have had it for several years....since I decided to take art serious and make it my living. It didn't cost a lot only a couple of hundred dollars....I have seen some for thousands....I don't feel the need for one of those!

THE HOUSE...I must tell you when I first met Max and later came to his house I was in put it mildly! Max was a bachelor for some time...about 8 years or so...being the very cautious Missouri sort...he wanted to pick the right one. He lived like a bachelor and it was a bit of mess. He had some girlfriends of course....but lucky me! Hehe! The house was his Grandmothers and Mothers by joint ownership. She was 21 when they bought it. She passed away at 84 about 4 years ago. Max grew up here. There was an amazing amount of "stuff" stored here....Mimi (as the grand kids called her) never threw anything away. The depression era generation was like that.... my folks and my grandparents were that way and everyone I have ever known from that generation was like that. Max and I have a tendency to carry that value on....just not to the extremes of saving string, tinfoil, bottles and other items...unless they have historical, sentimental, antique or homemade value. We have a fantastic assortment of advertising art from his Dads store and Max's job. Lots of homemade quilts and crocheted rugs....hooked rugs and old oak furniture. Silver, crystal and fine china from my side. I have collected antiques since I was quite young so all of the furniture works well with the house. Several old trunks are used as end tables in the TV room. The parlor is more formal and I am still working on unpacking that. Yes, new life is being breathed into this house. I have redone several old homes in my life....and believe I have one more left in me.....and yes we are doing it does make a difference!

Yes, Erika, my granddaughter TerinnaDelete, the barefoot princess from yesterdays a mini me.....she loves to draw and color....and while working on a picture one time....she donned a pair of play glasses and came up to her Mom with a drawing in hand and told her "Look, Mommy, I'm Grandma Honey"! My heart just soared when I was told that story. Another time my daughter told me she looks just like me when I was very young. My daughter named her after both of us and the fact that Larry always loved the nickname Terry. Terinna is a combination of Terry short for Theresa and my daughters' name Anna. While I was growing up I was called Terry.....than as an adult I liked my full name better. My family and some very, very old friends still call me Terry till today.
I have not given up on holding another workshop....but I will have to see how it goes here. I believe I may have overextended myself this coming year.....but I always love a challenge!
Love, Theresa


Bonnie said...

Theresa-I really enjoyed reading about your approach to friendly clutter while you immerse yourself in a new work.
You really supply such generous and interesting narratives to your posts and it humanizes your art and reflects the richness of your life.

Always a delight to stop by here- to see your work, how diverse it is, and get a glimpse into another artists' life.

Erika Nelson said...

WOW a post in response to me! I've been made! HAHA! Let me congratulate you on the sales, they're all so beautiful and wonderful food for my soul! You must have been a wise one in past life as you manage to continue to teach me even from a distance by letting us see your brushstrokes and the relaying to us the beauty your see in scenery that we may neglect appreciate with our artist eye.

HA I did hit the nail on the head about Terinna as your mini-me! I definitely saw the same spark in her eyes as what I saw in yours! She's precious!

BTW I'm Theresa too. Actually my Dad named me Mari-Tess (yes, hyphenated), but the nuns wouldn't take me in because my name wasn't Biblical so they changed it to Maria Theresa and Erika is my middle name - but I changed it back to Mari-Tess Erika when I became US citizen. Thanks for the love Theresa!

eldon said...

Clutter is a way of life one has to grow to appreciate. :) I work 40 hours a week and paint in the evening and after the sun goes down so I don't spend a heck of a lot of time picking up. Funny tho how much freer I feel when all that crap is gone. EW

Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,

The paintings are so lovely, fresh and lively.

I agree with Eldon. When I'm painting the studio looks like a hurricane hit. I'm not a tidy person by nature -- I just have to work at it. Then when I finish a major painting project whew - I can clear up the mountain of paper towels, and organize my paints again. Still I like the look of Bob Burridge's studio, and he really paints heartily when he paints. His clothes, brushes and probably if he's anything like me, his walls and floors are coated in acrylic.

I do like a clean slate, but find it
hard just like Eldon to find the time to create it, with teaching, and painting.

My easel is not a serious one. Is there a serious one that folds up? In a tiny home that's an essential feature.

You are right your granddaughter looks just like you. I thought that
the moment I saw her face. Lucky girl, she's beautiful now and she'll grow up to be beautiful like you.

Lots of love to you,

Thanks for keeping on blogging.

Erika Nelson said...

Clutter means life is happening. But just like anything of course we need to heed moderation. When I don't clean up in between projects I can feel the change in the house atmosphere toward a more stressed feeling. So I clean and we're good for one day lol

Theresa Rankin said...

Hi Bonnie and thank you for stopping by....I know that sometimes my blogs are a little lengthy....I seem to enjoy writing about all the little details in life! Thank you for your appreciation and comments on my work!

Theresa Rankin said...

Well, well....Theresa i would have never guessed...I like the name your Dad gave you. Actually my middle name is Theresa...My first name is Ferna....Yikes...given to me by my Dad! Iy is not so much me as a teacher but you are a quick study!

Theresa Rankin said...

Clutter no clutter....whatever works for you is what is important! Your work is outstanding and I am loving the progressions!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Barbara....I believe that whatever works for the individual is what is important....we all develop our own system. Don't think for a minute I don't get paint all over me while I am working....I do! The only fold up easel I have that is serious is for outdoors.....thank you for always reading!!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Yes Erika....I agree!