Monday, October 27, 2008

When it rains it poors.....

Inez, Max's daughter, came home night before last gosh....she had a broken wrist. The really sad thing besides the fact this will interfere with her work, life and just about everything..... is... she is a dancer. She has been dancing for a very long time about 20 is part of her life...and she is very good. She was trained in classical ballet and dances three times a week and teaches occasionally also. I feel so bad for her. She had surgery yesterday and they reset the bone and added pins and a plate. It will be six to eight weeks before she is healed. She will be allowed to come home sometime today depending on her mobility and the doctor's schedule. Max and I cleaned her room and I washed all her clothes and making cinnamon rolls for her. She had great plans to go up to Kansas City and party with her friends.....she will still go....but obviously must be very careful. It is also her birthday on the 28th....not exactly the present she was looking for. We are all hoping for a quick an easy mend.....and that it won't interfere with her dancing.
Well Halloween is almost here and Max and I are invited to a Halloween Costume party....I think we may go as Deadwood....if you never saw the is a hoot. I will let everyone guess who he and I will be. Some more suggestions would be helpful, too!
I have been looking at Eldon Warrens blog which is fabulous and very descriptive. He is showing the progress of a landscape painting he is working on. Please take a look!! He has some beautiful work.
Along the same lines I subscribe to Empty Easel and who do I find that writes there....Diane Mize...another fellow blogger and fabulous artist. She has a great article on trouble spot....and her entry is fabulous!
I plan to do the same as Warren soon......put up a progression of work. I will also put up the Profiles magazine article too. But for now....I am a little overwhelmed with duties. So all I have to offer is some work that was done a while ago. One is a plein air and the other a portrait. I sold the 8x10 plein air for $2000 at the Richard Schmid Auction and the 12x16 portrait could have been sold ten times over....but as of yet I want to keep it because it has some things in it that I like how I painted them. In particular the roses, the dress and the hand. Less is more....I am still struggling with that!
That's about it for to make cinnamon rolls!
Love, Theresa


Erika Nelson said...

Theresa how is Inez? This is so scary! We artists really live dangerous lives because our most important instruments are used on a daily basis. I hope she will regain normal use after healing. She's so blessed to have you and Max for support. Nothing like getting that love when things are simply no fun. Cinnamon rolls? Gosh that would hit the spot for sure!

Darn I don't know Deadwood so I'm afraid I'm no help :( Why not wear you birthday suit :) Ok just a thought lol

I love that portrait! So timeless! Have you painted your mini me the barefooted princess? I bet you'd never part with any painting of her lol Yes, the roses and hands are beautiful but so is the expression on her face in the eyes and lips! I need to tattoo on my forehead about edges and less is more thoughts ergh.

Love to you too and your family xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Theresa. I hope Inez will be okay. These paintings are so timeless.
Linda Lee

Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,

I'm so sorry about Max's daughter. Breaking a wrist must be terribly painful. I love both of your paintings. The portrait is magnificent, and you have got the less is more concept in this one down to a t. Speaking of tea I sure wish I was there to share the cinnamon buns.

Hallowe'en is my birthday. I like the idea of it being a Celtic harvest ritual, and a Celtic New Year's, because of course I'm part Celtic and part Italian, and it is a new year for me. I'm not fond of the ghoulish parts of it. I just like pumpkins and candy and seeing the little kids at the door. I think you would look fabulous as a Deadwood character. I've never heard of the show before, but looked it up.

Have a great time, and keep blogging.

Love Barbara

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you for your good wishes Erica....Inez is doing well and we expect a 6 to 8 week recovery period.
My birthday suit would cause a really scary Halloween stampede....after all I have had 5!
Thank you for the comments on the portrait. I have always loved this one....but it has not been a favorite of the judges. I wish I knew why? I guess I just can't see yet what to look for.

Theresa Rankin said...

So much appreciation here Linda....Thank you!!!

Theresa Rankin said...

It would be wonderful to share a cup of tea and talk art and everything with you Barbara....there is nothing like a face to face conversation. Now how cool is that....Halloween is your birthday!! I am with you on the Celtic Harvest Ritual, kids and candy! My Dads family was originally from Scotland and then down to Ireland, England then America. Rankin comes from kin of Rand.

eldon said...

Theresa, are you really considering a demo? I can hardly wait!

Theresa Rankin said...

Yes Eldon I am!!!! I am happy you are interested!