Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Rest of The Story......

After The Hunt 24x30 oil Sold

As I promised yesterday...the surprising outcome of the painting "After The Hunt"....and another learning experience!!
As I worked on this painting I had many doubts...that happens often...but the fact is I try not to let them aggravate me. I have been showing at the MGA for about 5 years....I always sell and I always have a great time visiting with all the artists...some I have known for quite a few years....some I only see at the show once a year. It is always great to get together and see the new work everyone has and as always just visit and talk art. I won an award there once and was really was my first year participating in that event. It was a real treat....but I honestly never thought I would get another one. There are several extremely good artists there and...well...I just thought I was out of the running. Mind you...I am like anyone else....I wanted to win...and sometimes I thought I should have received something.....but the facts are facts...I just wasn't good enough. Well, I anticipated another no win year....sells maybe...yes...maybe?? Win, no..!
Surprise, surprise! As I watched and listened for my name to be was not to be...several other fabulous artists were taking the know we are the same...everyone wants some recognition for their hard work...teehee...go ahead admit it....It's pretty natural! Well, my name did get called...the first award was for $500. Fantastic....I could sit down and relax and enjoy everyone else win. No sooner had I got back to my name was called again! This time for another $1o00 head was beginning to spin and I was feeling a little light headed! I turned to walk back to me seat and not gotten more than halfway and, yes, I heard my name again...was I hearing things???, I had won a $1000 award! Yikes, it can't be....OMG... How? what? who???. Reeling from the stunning news I had actually no idea at the time how much any of these awards were for....there had been no time to count or even open the envelopes....and...then....Yes, my name was called yet again! As I turned and walked back to receive the final award (4 total)....I remember saying jokingly and out of some embarrassment "Honestly, I haven't paid off any of the judges to get these awards!" On the way back to my seat I really felt like I was on air...numerous friends, artists and guests rushed to congratulate me! I was, well frankly, elated and honored and proud that I had worked so hard on that painting! As I got back to my seat...Max and a friend of mine and former student April Davis, asked me ..."So how much did you the envelopes add it up!!" I did...hands shaking...the total was a grand $4500 in winnings alone. Lesson just never's always a roll of the dice and the best you can do! No one will ever know how honored I was!
The list of awards is below:
Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Arvest Bank Award $500

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Ruth I. Kolpin Award $1000

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Helen S. Boylan Award $1000

Midwest Gathering of the The Artists
The Wendy Award $2000
The prize money was spent well, I supplies, framing bill, scanning bill, new computer, new camera, a big screen TV for Max with Tivo and Netflix instant viewing and some other odds and ends. We had a lot of fun shopping for the TV which I had promised Max for football season if I sold well at the show. The grand total for that weekend between prizes and sales was $7,000....I still find it hard to believe and I am extremely thankful!
If that wasn't wasn't but a few days after that I was told my piece for the Richard Schmid Auction had been greatly admired by artists and patrons alike and bid up way past the gallery price. So I received another nice little check...I then received an order for some prints.
September was an extremely profitable month as well as busy! It took quite a bit of time to get everything installed and hooked up...we also had the electrician out one more time.
A little update on HCG for those who remember...I have lost a total of 35 pounds...I have ten left to go...which I will do after the Holidays! That will bring me to my goal of 135 pounds...which is what I weighed in High School. Oh...I used some of the winnings to buy just a few knew clothes...after all I am a girl and I love nice things!
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vickiandrandyrossart said...

WOW! You deserve every one of these awards. I totally enjoyed your story, too. I hate it when someone acts totally unsurprised at winning...

Miss you. Check out my new venture,

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Vicki! Your new venture is awesome just left you a are such a if you could bottle that stuff.....:)

Marian Fortunati said...

Of course to those of us who admire your work, this is no surprise, but still....

OMG.... HOW WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations!!

AND ohhhhhh wow....... you lost all of that weight too!!!! What a feat!!! You rock, girl!!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Aw rock, too!! Thank you soooo much!!