Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day two!!

As we awoke Friday morning, the anticipation of the Schmid Auction loomed ever closer. It was coming at me like a big train...not knowing if I was going to jump out of the way in time or

be completely run over by my ever building anxiety. I cannot explain why I get such an overwhelming resistance to social functions but I do know I would rather be painting or spending time with my family and friends. Well, I do know the reason....and it has something to do with that big house (Back further in the blog) I lived in while growing up. We had a lot of parties and there were very often Hollywood luminaries, political and social stars and plain old good folk and family! But unfortunately there was also a lot of phoniness and snobbery and way too much accent on what one has or how one looks. Please don't get me wrong...there were many advantages, happy times, love and I had an excellent education in a private school and because of that I can, if needed, socialize with every level of personality. It does seem like such a long time ago and I am not even the same person or in similar situations. I am a very simple person in a lot of ways. I like honesty, faithfulness, kindness, genuineness and good laughs. That is why I live here in the Ozarks and not where I grew up. But I do digress....I was told their was another mystery about me because of that big house....and I wanted to give the delightful blogger a little more information. There is a lot more, some good, some bad and I have been told often I should write a book.....I just never thought anyone would be interested in my life or views. Soooooo........
We hit the road and drove to Manitou Springs where Max had made reservations for us. We arrived at one of the most adorable and hospitable motels I have ever seen. This place was charming and the Europeans who ran it equally delightful! It was styled in the 1950's when much car vacationing was going on....remember those trips to National Parks or Grandmas' and Grandpas'? I do...Are we there yet??? It had THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in a motel. Warm honey 100% knotty pine paneled the rooms. The doors had a hand hewn look and the numbers to each apartment were carved in a wood plaque and hung above the door. Great flagstone slabs made up the stairs and walkways and reminded me of the old fashioned swimming pools from my childhood home. The bathroom was completely new but older styled fixtures had been chosen to compliment the decor. And there were flowers EVERYWHERE!! Tucked in here and there among the rocks that lined the river flowing behind the building, large planters of them set out among the BBQs and umbrellaed tables for guests and box planters built out of that same flagstone that lined the entire front of the motel. We delivered our bags and went out to drive around. We visited the Garden of the Gods, where we saw a couple of rock climbers, man and woman...the woman was stuck and hollering to the man on top but he told her he done a harder one yesterday and that this was really pretty easy. There were a few tense moments while watched hoping she didn't fall...we had sweaty palms watching this. She seemed to maneuver herself out of the trouble spot..but I was glad I didn't know him! Miramont Castle which was built by a wealthy priest(wealthy priest?) and stopped and had dinner at The Stagecoach Inn which was an old stage stop and where a woman writer spent her summers years ago penning novels . As we sat over dinner which we ate outside by what I thought was the same river we saw at the motel, Max told me he picked that motel because he knew I liked old things. He could not have done a better job and interestingly enough said motel was built in the year of my birth...1948!!! Everything was about what I wanted to do....and I felt very fortunate indeed to know him. That was our second day....Richard Schmid tomorrow...the auction....yikes! I slept well and really did not want to leave this place...some towns just feel really comfortable and the Park Row Lodge was for sale! Hmmmm.....! No, I didn't buy it....but we had a little fantasy of it for awhile.
Enjoy the links and the photos, which are mine. I am building a slide show for you to view but here are few photos to get you started. Today is going to be a little hectic. The Midwest Gathering is tomorrow and I need to get some bios and business cards printed plus I have a chiropractor appointment and a hairdresser appointment. Max picked up my prints yesterday and as always Webb City Digital has done a magnificent job! They look stunning if I do say so myself! Until tomorrow, Theresa


Erika Nelson said...

This trip looks very expensive already and you were headed to a fundraiser event! Did you get any sketches done? Garden of the Gods is amazing from all those photos!

I don't like any art show reception that involves me. I just wish I could just paint and be left alone while my works are shipped and hung and sold (all of them) and my profits automatically deposited in my account :) Off to find the magic genie lamp.

Have fun at your event! You should list your giclee prints and prices.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Theresa,
Just got back from out of town to discover my nomination for 'Brilliante Weblog.
Many thanks for making me part of your top seven list!
By the way, looks like you had an incredibly inspiring trip!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hi Erika, Expensive?....probably the gas was the worst! All the motels were were around 60 on average. Max has a lifetime pass for National Parks so that was half price. We don't eat much so all together it was probably around $1200 for the whole thing. Not to bad for everything we got to do! When we went to the Garden of the Gods it was getting late so it was a quick hike and drive through.
The prices are available on request by the size. Oh, when you find that magic genie lamp let me know if there is a twin...I would love to do the same thing!!!

Theresa Rankin said...

You are welcome are definitely a top shelf artist and I foresee a fabulous future. The trip was great...a one of a kind!