Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First Day

My version of "Repose" by J.S. Sargent 24x30

I will recount our trip day by if it were today. I hope I don't forget anything....probably will....but that's par for the course anymore! I suffer from art brain most days!
We left after much planning and packing on Thursday morning. Max had made reservations in the various places we would stay including the campground. I have spent a lot of years living alone or with someone not adept at many of life's you cannot believe what a vacation it is to have someone that handles all the bills, plans the trips, does house work if needed, cooks if needed, is a brilliant conversationalist, funnier than heck, has a degree in art, does my canvases and frames my paintings...and hundreds of little things that just plain satisfy without going into too much more detail. As I am given to do! Before you start thinking Max is perfect....stop right there! He is not perfect....either am I (darn!)....but he is perfect for me! We repacked our clothes twice after he saw he had more than I...he was in the clothing business (Oshkosh, Big Smith and Key before he retired) so it was inevitable he would have to many clothes and I am a clotheshorse so always have more than I need. Finally we were packed and off we went.
The first day we went to Oklahoma City to see The Prix De West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. This is a show I make a point of going to. For many years when I studied with Barbara Courtney she got the class together so we could see paintings up close and personal. When I started teaching class I encouraged the students to copy masters...I myself have painted John Singer Sargent twice (my version shown here) and also a Kevin Macpherson. Nothing is more inspiring than to see a good painting up close...and nothing is more educational, aside from actual painting, than viewing good art. A caveat must be injected here...many of the pieces are Western Art and some are very tight....beautifully executed...but not what I love. So I will mention the paintings that stuck with me...they are loose and juicy.....lots of paint with expert draftsmanship and design. I am not overly concerned with content but more the subtle expression and nuances of the brush and color....something that can only be seen viewing a painting in person! Some of the names you may know some not....but it is well worth looking at the online catalog and seeing what you like.
Here is a list of the artists in the show that incorporate most everything I admire!

Cyrus Afsary (brushwork,edges)
John Encinias (everything)
John Moyers (everything)
Matt Smith (everything)
Bill Anton (brushwork, underpainting)
Charles Fritz (everything)
Terry Kelly Moyers ( brushwork, color)
Craig Tennant (design, composition)
Harley Brown ( brushwork, color)
Daniel Gerhartz (everything)
Sherry McGraw (everything)
Tom Browning (edges)
William Kalwick (color, brushwork)
Thomas Quinn (design, texture)
Len Chmiel (design, color)
David Leffel (composition, color)
Jason Rich (brushwork)
Pino Dangelico (everything)
My version of "Lily, Lily, Carnation, Rose" Jim Morgan (everything)
by J.S. Sargent 32x38 R. S. Riddick (color, composition)
Jeffery Watts ( everything)
Morgan Weistling (color, composition, brushwork)
We thoroughly enjoyed the show...even though some of the pieces were not to our liking. We had a wonderful lunch in the museum's cafe. I had to go back and take a look at the permanent collection which has so much amazing work it would be impossible to mention here...but Remington, Wyeth and many of the great illustrators from the turn of the century are represented. They also have well represented Nicolai Fechin Exhibit, which of course I had to see once cannot believe the exotic beauty of his brushwork until you see it in person!
We had a great time and laughed heartily, joked often and flirted coyly. We finally got our fill and I had to take a quick look through the gift/book store. Lots of great books, a new Pino, a Fechin....a few more...but, alas, I came away empty handed. Many were too pricey and some I already had. Back to the baking parking enough to fry eggs it was. Little did we know what still lay ahead in the mountains. A couple of hours later we arrived in Woodward, Ok., where we spent the night....happily dreaming of art!
Oh!...I have decide not to rush this last painting I am working on.....I need to think some things through when I am not so overwhelmed with getting ready, printing bios and cards, picking up prints, making sure everything including frames and tags are accurate, going to the chiropractor and, of course, the girlie things like getting my hair done and doing my nails!!!
Until tomorrow, with joy,


Stacey Peterson said...

You did a beautiful job with these paintings Theresa - the first is one of my favorite Sargents, and you handled the fabric of her dress beautifully!! I'll have to do this sometime (copy another artist's work).

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip! I wish I had made it up to the auction, but I got busy that weekend. Heard there were some beautiful paintings there...

Erika Nelson said...

My first love JS Sargent! I love your copy there, you captured the freshness of his painting which he did fluidly as if it were a watercolor. How you managed to stay fresh painting thpse dimensions is victorious! What size brushes does one need to do that? UMM umm UMM!

Did Max's Mom throw out the mold he was made in? He sounds like a dream mate for a woman artist and he has an art degree too? *Erika faints* Well as you said, he is perfect for you and for that I'm so happy because I'm sure you've waited all your lives for each other! I wish you both continued happiness, love and good health! (especially because I get tickled about meeting you both on one of your first dates, I believe teehee)

I am a big advocate of copying art of people I admire. It's like putting in concrete what I've learned from their works so I can really soak it up. I'll have to check out some of those artists you listed. Have you ever seen an original Edgar Payne? I have one particular favorite by him, a big vertical that's a permanent collection at the Irvine Art Museum in OC California, the textures, values and color are so strategically done, one can imagine himself climbing right up the mountain!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Stacey...thank you...and I am a big fan of your work! The auction (Schmid right?) did a little worse than usual....sad to say. There was some amazing pieces...especially Quang Ho..who was there and of course Schmid. My piece sold so I am happy to report that! Many buyers got some excellent work for very little money!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you was a personal triumph for me too. But admittedly Sargent did the thinking I just exercised my arm. Brushes? I always start with large brushes. I like filberts, flats. I use a few rounds. Very few. Those are all Robert Simmons Signet or Silver Masterpiece and, of course, Schmids' favorite the Royal Langnikel 5590 in all sizes! Yes you did meet us on one of our first dates....sadly, the mold is broken, but his children have many of the same attributes...and I nearly fainted, too, as I got to know him! Thank you we appreciate the good wishes.

Theresa Rankin said...

Whoa! Erika I almost missed the Edgar Payne part of my reply...I get to hurried lately. He is the King of the California painting style...and his as you know hugely admired! Check out Glenn Dean...he is a young current artist that paints a lot like him. I have seen several Edgar Payne's in my travels..all stunning for the reasons you named!

Dianne Mize said...

Theresa, I discovered your blog because of that wonderful little Brilliante Weblog award that connects artists who otherwise might not had discovered one another. What excitement as I browse from one of your paintings to another. I'm linking you in my bloglist so others (who haven't already) can discover you, too.

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Diane....we are quite the community...I will visit your page and thank you for such a wonderful comment!!

Barbara M. said...


I am a major Sargent fan, and
wouldn't even begin to attempt what
you've done. I know Sargent did the
thinking, but very few could copy
that thinking. Impressive.

Loved you saying that Max isn't perfect, and that you flirted coyly.
Nice writing.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Theresa,
the blog list might take longer,
but I have officially nominated
you back, so you now have
two of these awards.


Theresa Rankin said...

Barbara...thank you! There is a little story behind the Sargent painting "Repose"...isn't there always a story! Ha!
When I was teaching a class I had somewhere between 5 and 7 students. One a day an adventurous student, Lori, walked in with a picture of this painting. I had painted the "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" some years before. When I saw the picture I knew I had to paint it! It became the class project for the next few weeks. We all worked hard and everyone actually produced a decent painting some were very good! But there was so much moaning and sighing during this exercise....I was accused by my students of being sadistic..They thought it cruel and unusual punishment and they were ready to mutiny and take over the ship...LOL! Thank you for nominating me back....there are several more artists around I feel deserve this! This will b my chance to sing their praises also!!

Karen Hargett said...

Theresa I'm so enjoying your recap of your trip with Max - not to mention the art!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Karen and welcome...glad to have you aboard sharing my adventures and art. I stopped by quickly to take a look and your ducks are cleverly titled and well rendered. I will be back and add you too my list! Thank you!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

You are an art education all by yourself! This blogging thing is SUCH great fun...I'm having a ball with it!


Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Vicki!! This is great fun isn't it!!