Friday, September 12, 2008

Exhibition Day

Wow!!! Once again!!
I won't be able to blog much over the weekend...mostly just keep everyone posted on what is going on with the show....this looks to be the last big show for this year. Then I must start on my one woman exhibit for Spring. The next two days I will be sitting with my work and attending the evening auction tonight. Up at 6 tomorrow and setup and stay with my work until 6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. It is going to rain....arrrgh....we are also keeping a close eye on the major storm Hurricane Ike. Max's son, Wyatt, lives in Houston and we are terribly concerned....but as of last night they were headed for higher ground. I sincerely pray that no one is harmed.
I have to give a great big thank you to Barbara Muir of Toronto, Canada for awarding me the Brilliante Weblog I can nominate more artists that inspire me!! Barbara is real gem with a joyful and sincere spirit and great blogger.....the girl can paint and write....and teach and do it all with a broken ankle! Inspiring!!!
The chiropractor worked his magic yesterday. No pain in my shoulder and my neck....unbelievable! The numbness that I have had in my left hand is practically gone. It has been there for over two years....and to have start feeling normal is a treat! Evidently what I have happens to people who use their hands a lot. I left him two tickets for the MGA tonight...we hope he attends. Speaking of which! As you may know Max was a salesman for many years....something I rather suck at. He had the brilliant idea to drop off two free tickets to the owners of the house I painted. He said to include a picture of the painting. So being the obedient sort that I am ( Big laugh inserted here~!!) I followed said instructions with much trepidation. Well, lo and behold guess who called last night!! Yes, the owners of the home wanting to know how to procure a print. After discussing how the auction works and that they may have a chance to own the original...they decided to try and attend. A previous engagement was already in the future for them but they thought they might be able to make it. I really wanted them to see the piece in person....I don't think paintings do well over the internet at can't see the texture or how the light works with oils. I am not concerned about them buying it...but it would be nice for the owners to have it. They love the photo of the painting and have it up as their screen saver....with Christmas lights because that is the only way they figure they will ever see it with is a very big house!!!! So once again Max has proven to me to be a genius!!
I will put a few more pieces that will be in the exhibit up here.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. I will continue with the vacation, passing out the Weblog awards and updates of the auction on Monday. If I don't reply quickly or note everyone's new work please excuse me.....I will be back on Monday!
Love to all, Theresa


indiaartist said...

Good luck for your upcoming show. The positive pressure and anticipation is good for keeping us on our toes. All the best for your week-end work.

Erika Nelson said...

You will have a successful show I can tell from these pieces WOW! And hurray for Max for always looking out for ya! Have fun you two!

Karen Hargett said...

I love the cattle drive painting! Oh I love them all ;-) I have no doubt you will do well at the show.

BTW thanks for taking a peek at my ducks.

Barbara M. said...

Hey Theresa,

What great paintings. I love the
cattle drive, but especially love
the one of the girl and the boy
in the bar, so loose, and so
much mood just in the physical
gestures. And so expertly painted.


charmaine said...

wow! each one of these are breath taking. i wish you all the success at your upcoming show. i must say that your whole blog is absolutely beautiful. have a good weekend!

God Bless,

Marian Fortunati said...

WOW... You do some absolute amazing work!! I would love to be able to do duplications as well as you have.... and your choice of artists-to-admire is spot on!!

Although I'm sure you will do VERY well, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you India it was a success!! You are right about the positive pressure!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Yes i did Erika!! Thank you...I will check your page soon...another busy day here!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Karen it was wonderful as is your new piece!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you is favorite of mine...I took some chances on the composition!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you so much Charmaine!! Your blog is Absolutely Beautiful!!

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Marian for wonderful and encouraging remarks!!! I appreciate it!!