Monday, September 29, 2008

As Luck Would Have It....

Gladys's Quiet Determination 22x22 sold
I have been away for a while....catching up on some business, house chores and a little visiting. Not to mention working on the huge painting which is just about done! The gallery in Kansas City wants six of my paintings and three of my photographs. To get everything ready for them entailed going back over some frames to address any issues they might have, replacing a liner and a completely new frame for two of the paintings. The photographs need to be printed and matted and then framed....that is still on hold to see if the raw image has enough megabytes for printing. There was also an issue as to whether two of the paintings could go or not.
During the Midwest Gathering two years ago I had a painting of an older lady in her garden. The woman I chose to paint was like a Mother to me and welcomed me and included me in every family celebration and holiday. Her name was Gladys Murray. She was the strongest woman I have ever met...not only physically but emotionally as well. She wrecked buildings for a living with her son and some hired men through a company she and her husband built. They built their home with mostly salvaged materials that still stands today is still a beautiful home on 40+ acres. She cooked for a large and extended family including hired hands regularly. She watched two children, a husband and grandson die. She always had a welcome mat, hug and cup of coffee out for anyone. She taught me many things about life and I still use her guidelines until today. I could say so much more about this amazing woman but there is not enough room tell all of the stories we shared.....She was 76 years old when she passed away. I was with her every moment of the 36 days she had to live once diagnosed with cancer. It was painful but well worth it. I had done the same with my natural mother whom I took care of until the end. I wrote a poem for her about having two by birth and one by choice...and put it in her pocket when she was buried in her favorite pink suit. I may show it to you one day. She made the flower arrangements for her own funeral. I was and am proud to have been her friend and daughter by choice and I miss her every day. I did this painting of her and called it Gladys's Quiet Determination because of how she always appeared to me. The lady who saw it is Max's sisters best friend.....she came to the house a few months ago and expressed how that painting affected her and how much she would like to have it. I told her then as I had for some time to other people that selling the painting was not very important to me but if she wanted it I would let her buy it because of how it struck her emotionally. In other words the painting would have a loving home and appreciated for the spirit it was painted in. You can see that I get attached to certain ones for emotional reasons. She said she really loved it and that the message that came through really identified with her...I let her know the painting was hers when she decided to purchase it. Well as luck or fate would have it, this was one of the paintings that the gallery wanted.....and I had already told this woman that it wasn't going anywhere. I talked to Max's' sister about this complication and when these two friends went out to dinner this past Friday they discussed it and called me. She bought the painting that evening and I am very happy it is with someone that truly appreciates it!
The second painting that had a complication is entered in a competition and will be on exhibition for awhile before it can be delivered. Not a huge problem but I am hoping to win a prize on it. I also received an email this morning from someone who had seen a painting of mine at an art fair in Pineville last year...the painting is called "Of Saints and Sinners" and she expressed interest in it. If you have a website make sure they are up to date and list all pertinent information including how to get a hold of you!!! I have had great success with my website but I have also done a lot of work through art fairs, shows, auctions and exhibitions to get my name out there. I am still working hard at this part that many artists included!!
The Profiles magazine article came out and it is wonderful....makes me sound like I know what I am talking about!! More about that next time.
The big painting is close to being done and will also be posted at a later date....I already have ideas for a new one and am anxious to start on it.
So that is the brief update and I wish everyone of you reading a happy and creative week!
Love, Theresa
Of Saints and Sinners 20x30 oil

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back To The Vacation...Day Three

Well it's been awhile since I talked about our vacation. Everyone knows how life can just get in the way sometimes...not always a bad thing either! As you can see from the last post, I started an extremely large painting....50x40! Many people were amazed at how fast I "finished" it....sorry darlings....I am NOT finished! On closer inspection you can see that the hands are not done, the sheets need to be finished in one or two areas, some thin glazing here and there and the dogs finished off a bit....just a bit though. I like the semi-unfinished me it leaves an immediacy and spontaneity that a completely covered canvas does not have....unless it is a small piece done in one sitting. Upon looking closely at many paintings from some of the current and past masters that I thoroughly(seen in the list to the right) enjoy one can see transparent shadows, thin glazes and dry brushing that allow the canvas to show through. Then there are levels of thicker paint juxtaposed with the thin and medium layers that are so expressive I can hardly stand to look at the magnificent brushwork and color without weeping. Sargent, Zorn, and Schmid were and are masters at this as well as the names listed to the right. So to sum it up the painting is close to finished but for me now comes the hard part. I must think long and hard how the next stroke will add or detract from the the temperature and value reading it the right shape and where does it begin and where does it end. I have gotten past some of these issues....but, dang it, so much of it eludes me. All I can say to myself is this...more miles on the brush...paint what you see and not what you know.....and keep can always wipe it off until you get it right. I do a lot of that sometimes. When I was still teaching one thing I often said was....Paint the picture in your head first....that is why the first three days went so fast on such a large painting....but alas I neglected painting some of the physician heal thyself...! A final word on showing this painting..I have full consent of Max to show this image...we view it as a good painting with a good composition and it means something special to both of us...irregardless of who it is I paint. It was not meant to attract viewers or bloggers...I have plenty of work to post that is better than this one or worse. I just want to make things clear in case some are put off by subject matter and this is NOT directed at anyone. Okay? 'Nough said...:)
Second day of our vacation! When we awoke I immediately started thinking...the party for the Schmid Auction was tonight I kept thinking what would it be like? Who would we meet? We drove up two Fort Collins where we had our reservations....checked in and got ready for the party....Bellevue is about 45 Minutes away. We were there early enough that we decided to drive up there and make sure we found the place. That was definitely the smart think to do!!
Stove Prairie Ranch is and astounding citadel of Morgan horses and cattle nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Rist Valley . You have to see this astonshing land to appreciate it! The ranch is huge and anyone can drive through it as long as they stay on the road. Several other ranches and homes are built on this prairie...all of them charming! We drove up the Rist Canyon road and stopped to take pictures of the Old Flowers house and the Bellevue store. Once past the Auction site we started to wonder if we were lost....I looked at our print out of the directions and it said to keep going until Old Flowers Road. Onward! We drove through the beautiful rockies and remembered that distinct light and air from my years in Utah....I thought how much I missed it and the simple living off the land life I had while I lived there. Then I remembered the work....the milking ....the feeding.....the tilling and toiling....the butchering...and all of the 1oo's of daily chores that consumed my life before painting seriously. Naw!!...I don't miss it that much!!! I am quite happy where I am in my life right this very is the right place at the right time!
We reached th top of what seemed to be a hill and over and down we went...12% grade....from my truckdriving days I remembered that this was not your average 6% to 7%( although I have seen 17%).....and I could see it was long way down.....I can't imagine it with snowpack and/or ice! Down we went at the bottom of the hill was Old Flowers Road....we drove through this stately an well planned ranch and were completely amazed at the size of it. There were many barns and out shelters....what seemed to be two guest homes...many more buildings....a huge covered arena with patio where they were setting things up for the party that night...and capping it all off an amazingly large house sitting up on a hill looking over the estate...everything made from wood and natural rock...stunning!!! I took many pictures some are on the slide show at the top of this page.
It was finally time to attend the party. We drove up to the first stop where my name was checked on the guest list and then we were waved ahead when it was okay. The there was a second stop...where my name was checked once again....very secure...gate crashers beware! On up to an open prairie where we were assigned parking. On to the party. We came up to a huge covered arena and walked through massive wooden carved doorway......Wow!! We were greeted by a third group checking invitations and I was given an artist name tag and Max was given a guest tag. Horse stables lined each side of the center walkway....a charming tack room, off to one side, decorated in Mission style oak and Arts and Crafts accessories. It was immaculate, the horses were gorgeous and by there friendliness and contentment one could see they were handled often and well. After visiting with the horses (which everyone did! How could anyone resist?) we came into the arena. Huge wooden beams were decorated with tiny white icicle lights....The fine sand was wetted and tamped down for the party...tables were arranged and decorated beautifully through the entire center and the whole seating area was roped off. A bar was set up in two opposing corners and the some of the food and barbeque where set up outside. We stopped and got a cocktail for me and a beer for Max and wandered out to the patio (name tag in place) where the quests were mingling. We didn't know anyone there personally but as the evening went on many interesting people came up to us and we visited and chatted amiably including Richard himself who asked me to find his "lovely wife Nancy"and send her over to him. Mr. Schmid is not only a genius of an artist but is equally well versed in many always learning something new and a true gentleman and loving husband with a very wry sense of humor. I have very high regard for him not just as an artist but as a human being.
We were called to dinner and filled our plates and found a table. The guests greeted us and we began a wonderful conversation. Max struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to him...Tom Sutherland. Now this is amazing....he turned out to be THE Tom Sutherland who was kidnapped and held hostage in Beirut for 2354 days. We met his wife who was equally charming! Everyone at the table was gregarious and we all had a wonderful time with great food. We were called to attention that the ceremonies and introductions were to begin...and also that a special event was planned for us. Thanks were given to all who planned, participated and attended the event. Wes Rutt who pretty much is the glue of the auction was introduced. He is a great guy and remembers every artist at the auction. He works very hard to make sure the event comes off well.
After the introductions we were told that we were going to be shown there top pick horses and new colt....which is why the seating area was roped off. They stunning animals were turned out and put through there paces around the ring by their trainer Kathy! I have had a little experience with horses and these were beauties with perfectly arched necks and real high steppers....certainly to be reckoned with in the championships the owner planned to enter. We visited some more got a bite of dessert and decided it was time to go home. Big day tomorrow and we were both tired but very happy.
I will end now as I sometimes I spend a long time writing too many words. I need to get back to work and Max has taken on the job of repairing and painting the window sills and trim of this 100 and something year old home. You know he always thinks he may not get these repairs right...but he always takes his time and thinks things through before making a move....something I admire as I am rather impulsive often to my detriment! Just another reason we are good for each other.
Until tomorrow, Theresa

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Filled Up and Overflowing.....

I"m baaaack! I have missed a week of blogging...My brain has hatched several new ideas....Gone through the photos of our vacation....and I have had my entire mind consumed with my new painting (yes, Lori you hit the nail on the head)
To clean up some old issues I received the Brilliante Weblog Award one more time....and I will use fellow blogger David Lobenbergs' style of delivering this award. I am suppose to pass this award onto 5 other blogs that I highly admire (and I know that this award is suppose to circulate), but I humbly submit my "Fav. Links" on the right...more than 5 for sure, but they are all fantastic, and I just can't bring myself to edit. Sorry. Straight from the horses mouth!
The painting I started three days ago took a day of thought to paint it in my head first. When I had the image secured in my head I sketched it out on a 50x40 canvas. THE biggest canvas ever, to date, that I have painted on! The painting is from a photo Max took of me around my 60th birthday and it turned out so well I just had to paint it. It is not for sale unless, of course, you have around $30,!
In the first picture is the sketch and a wash of transparent oxide red with a touch of ultramarine blue to cool it down some. I work from dark to light blocking in the shadows first then the middle values. Highlights are wiped out of the paint with thinner. The next image is the work I did on the second day....mostly the bedclothes and trying to keep the shapes simple and the shadows thin. The third day I started the body and added more washes to the background. Worked on the sheets a little more and just about finished Okra Winfrey one of our cats.
This is a quick blog....there should be some new slide shows on here also.
Back to painting,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"As a man thinketh, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7

Okay...I wasn't back Monday...but better late than never as they say! It has been one heck of a weekend. Attending The Midwest Gathering For Artists is always fun, profitable and tiring in a good way! The event kicked off with midday meeting and drawing for numbers. The numbers represent the order in which the artists work is auctioned off....I picked number 24...ugh...way down the line among 31 pieces! That means, for me, lots of anticipation until my turn. I have related to you how these events are for me and Friday was no different! We then had a brief meeting and introduction of new and returning artists. Well, Lo and Behold I could not believe my eyes! My old teacher, Barbara Courtney, was among the returning artists. There was a last minute cancellation and they called her up. I was so very happy to see her there!! She is a great artist, mentor, teacher and art Mom and is extremely deserving of all this ! She is the one who set me on the right path when I started painting 7 years ago and I owe her much. Most of all, I am in debt for her great confidence in what I was capable of doing in the art world. I hope I never prove her wrong! I will always look forward to growing and do not believe that I will ever "arrive"....which I believe is death to the artists soul, creativity and continued growth towards excellence. After much hugs and kisses since many of these artists I only get to see once a year because of their living distances we adjourned and had a wonderful lunch, set up our auction pieces( one for the first auction and one for the second) chose the artist that we thought was the best and went home to prepare for the evening.
I went home and did the rest of my painting tags and took a brief nap! I had bought a lovely creamy beige confection of embroidered lace and ties and ribbons....very girlie and when I saw it I had to have it....Max said buy it you are worth it! I don't ask for much...but I do like a new piece of clothing every once in a while. Most of the money goes into the house except for the occasional book...I should say books! supplies and frames!
We arrived on time to a huge crowd...always good to see...a beautiful arrangement of hors d'oeuvres and wine ( provided by Max's cousins husband Jim)...all of which we enjoyed as we greeted buyers, friends, artists and clients. We sat with Cherry and her squeeze Joe...and had an absolute blast!! Cherry is the owner of Cherry's Gallery and sure knows her stuff! She has great eye for art and a real business head besides being a real sweetheart....Joe is a hoot and he and Max talked about cooking up some fish boil confection that actually sounds delicious. We watched as once piece after another was auctioned off some with great success dollar wise others with not so much success...nerve wracking!! My turn...I started to get very tense that my piece would go for a pittance like some of the others at $300 to $600.....friends to the rescue....Max, Cherry and Joe soothed my nerves. is the crazy thing! I have been reading a book Called "The Secret" contains a belief system that I have always practiced or at least tried to. Others have written about it and you have all heard of it. The first time I read this concept was in...yes...the Bible....the second time was a little book by James Allen which is a free online least it was. I have tried off and on to keep this thinking in my mind....but not always successfully. This type of thinking is to positively create images of whatever in your life you want to happen. When I started this thinking on a stronger level...... I was given a house to live in when I suddenly found I didn't have one anymore (another amazing story)...Max came into my life (which is a tale in itself and WILL be recounted at one point!) Then I kind of relaxed and went into a lax posture concerning art concentrating mostly on this house and moving. A few months ago I started the thinking again and have been applying it to my self confidence and my art.
I am here to tell you.....this works!!!! I now have a much better self image and art....well it has taken off like the proverbial gangbusters!!I sold a small piece for starters. Then I sold two pieces to my local hospital for a highly respectable sum. The Richard Schmid Auction netted me exactly what I wanted and a personal introduction by Richard himself(it seems he only introduces the artists with paintings he likes). I received a cold call from a new gallery in Kansas City that would like to represent me. I pay my doctor with prints for services and had some framing done for the same. We are having electrical work done in our old house for a painting (it was once gas lights and rather difficult to rewire) I have been asked to judge a show for this weekend. A newspaper item in the Joplin Globe and 4 State Arts( they wanted to use 3 of my pieces as the pictures for the MGA ad), a Profiles Magazine article and a Carthage Press ad. The MGA first auction piece went for the price I asked the second piece which was a print went for decent amount. I sold a small painting and some cards during the weekend and got home to find a confirmation letter from the gallery in Kansas City! I will be hanging with the likes of Pino and Dan Gerhartz!!! It DOES NOT get any better than that!!! I can hardly believe it!! I can only hope and pray and positively think..:) that one day I will achieve their artistic level. I also received an invitation to paint outdoors with Todd Williams another fantastic artist!
Now, if you have not explored this type of thinking I urge you to start and watch the changes in your life!
Here is a female singer (for you Lori) that has a beautiful sound, her name is Pieta Brown and she is one of my favorites to paint by. Here are a few more...Cat Power, Lucinda Williams, The Felice Brothers, The Avett Brothers, The Be Good Tanyas and just about all Classical(great for improving your intelligence ratio, creativity and imaging.
See you tomorrow...hopefully with a slide show! I am judging a show tonight and giving the awards on Saturday.
Thinking Positively, Theresa

Friday, September 12, 2008

Exhibition Day

Wow!!! Once again!!
I won't be able to blog much over the weekend...mostly just keep everyone posted on what is going on with the show....this looks to be the last big show for this year. Then I must start on my one woman exhibit for Spring. The next two days I will be sitting with my work and attending the evening auction tonight. Up at 6 tomorrow and setup and stay with my work until 6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. It is going to rain....arrrgh....we are also keeping a close eye on the major storm Hurricane Ike. Max's son, Wyatt, lives in Houston and we are terribly concerned....but as of last night they were headed for higher ground. I sincerely pray that no one is harmed.
I have to give a great big thank you to Barbara Muir of Toronto, Canada for awarding me the Brilliante Weblog I can nominate more artists that inspire me!! Barbara is real gem with a joyful and sincere spirit and great blogger.....the girl can paint and write....and teach and do it all with a broken ankle! Inspiring!!!
The chiropractor worked his magic yesterday. No pain in my shoulder and my neck....unbelievable! The numbness that I have had in my left hand is practically gone. It has been there for over two years....and to have start feeling normal is a treat! Evidently what I have happens to people who use their hands a lot. I left him two tickets for the MGA tonight...we hope he attends. Speaking of which! As you may know Max was a salesman for many years....something I rather suck at. He had the brilliant idea to drop off two free tickets to the owners of the house I painted. He said to include a picture of the painting. So being the obedient sort that I am ( Big laugh inserted here~!!) I followed said instructions with much trepidation. Well, lo and behold guess who called last night!! Yes, the owners of the home wanting to know how to procure a print. After discussing how the auction works and that they may have a chance to own the original...they decided to try and attend. A previous engagement was already in the future for them but they thought they might be able to make it. I really wanted them to see the piece in person....I don't think paintings do well over the internet at can't see the texture or how the light works with oils. I am not concerned about them buying it...but it would be nice for the owners to have it. They love the photo of the painting and have it up as their screen saver....with Christmas lights because that is the only way they figure they will ever see it with is a very big house!!!! So once again Max has proven to me to be a genius!!
I will put a few more pieces that will be in the exhibit up here.
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. I will continue with the vacation, passing out the Weblog awards and updates of the auction on Monday. If I don't reply quickly or note everyone's new work please excuse me.....I will be back on Monday!
Love to all, Theresa

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day two!!

As we awoke Friday morning, the anticipation of the Schmid Auction loomed ever closer. It was coming at me like a big train...not knowing if I was going to jump out of the way in time or

be completely run over by my ever building anxiety. I cannot explain why I get such an overwhelming resistance to social functions but I do know I would rather be painting or spending time with my family and friends. Well, I do know the reason....and it has something to do with that big house (Back further in the blog) I lived in while growing up. We had a lot of parties and there were very often Hollywood luminaries, political and social stars and plain old good folk and family! But unfortunately there was also a lot of phoniness and snobbery and way too much accent on what one has or how one looks. Please don't get me wrong...there were many advantages, happy times, love and I had an excellent education in a private school and because of that I can, if needed, socialize with every level of personality. It does seem like such a long time ago and I am not even the same person or in similar situations. I am a very simple person in a lot of ways. I like honesty, faithfulness, kindness, genuineness and good laughs. That is why I live here in the Ozarks and not where I grew up. But I do digress....I was told their was another mystery about me because of that big house....and I wanted to give the delightful blogger a little more information. There is a lot more, some good, some bad and I have been told often I should write a book.....I just never thought anyone would be interested in my life or views. Soooooo........
We hit the road and drove to Manitou Springs where Max had made reservations for us. We arrived at one of the most adorable and hospitable motels I have ever seen. This place was charming and the Europeans who ran it equally delightful! It was styled in the 1950's when much car vacationing was going on....remember those trips to National Parks or Grandmas' and Grandpas'? I do...Are we there yet??? It had THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in a motel. Warm honey 100% knotty pine paneled the rooms. The doors had a hand hewn look and the numbers to each apartment were carved in a wood plaque and hung above the door. Great flagstone slabs made up the stairs and walkways and reminded me of the old fashioned swimming pools from my childhood home. The bathroom was completely new but older styled fixtures had been chosen to compliment the decor. And there were flowers EVERYWHERE!! Tucked in here and there among the rocks that lined the river flowing behind the building, large planters of them set out among the BBQs and umbrellaed tables for guests and box planters built out of that same flagstone that lined the entire front of the motel. We delivered our bags and went out to drive around. We visited the Garden of the Gods, where we saw a couple of rock climbers, man and woman...the woman was stuck and hollering to the man on top but he told her he done a harder one yesterday and that this was really pretty easy. There were a few tense moments while watched hoping she didn't fall...we had sweaty palms watching this. She seemed to maneuver herself out of the trouble spot..but I was glad I didn't know him! Miramont Castle which was built by a wealthy priest(wealthy priest?) and stopped and had dinner at The Stagecoach Inn which was an old stage stop and where a woman writer spent her summers years ago penning novels . As we sat over dinner which we ate outside by what I thought was the same river we saw at the motel, Max told me he picked that motel because he knew I liked old things. He could not have done a better job and interestingly enough said motel was built in the year of my birth...1948!!! Everything was about what I wanted to do....and I felt very fortunate indeed to know him. That was our second day....Richard Schmid tomorrow...the auction....yikes! I slept well and really did not want to leave this place...some towns just feel really comfortable and the Park Row Lodge was for sale! Hmmmm.....! No, I didn't buy it....but we had a little fantasy of it for awhile.
Enjoy the links and the photos, which are mine. I am building a slide show for you to view but here are few photos to get you started. Today is going to be a little hectic. The Midwest Gathering is tomorrow and I need to get some bios and business cards printed plus I have a chiropractor appointment and a hairdresser appointment. Max picked up my prints yesterday and as always Webb City Digital has done a magnificent job! They look stunning if I do say so myself! Until tomorrow, Theresa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First Day

My version of "Repose" by J.S. Sargent 24x30

I will recount our trip day by if it were today. I hope I don't forget anything....probably will....but that's par for the course anymore! I suffer from art brain most days!
We left after much planning and packing on Thursday morning. Max had made reservations in the various places we would stay including the campground. I have spent a lot of years living alone or with someone not adept at many of life's you cannot believe what a vacation it is to have someone that handles all the bills, plans the trips, does house work if needed, cooks if needed, is a brilliant conversationalist, funnier than heck, has a degree in art, does my canvases and frames my paintings...and hundreds of little things that just plain satisfy without going into too much more detail. As I am given to do! Before you start thinking Max is perfect....stop right there! He is not perfect....either am I (darn!)....but he is perfect for me! We repacked our clothes twice after he saw he had more than I...he was in the clothing business (Oshkosh, Big Smith and Key before he retired) so it was inevitable he would have to many clothes and I am a clotheshorse so always have more than I need. Finally we were packed and off we went.
The first day we went to Oklahoma City to see The Prix De West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. This is a show I make a point of going to. For many years when I studied with Barbara Courtney she got the class together so we could see paintings up close and personal. When I started teaching class I encouraged the students to copy masters...I myself have painted John Singer Sargent twice (my version shown here) and also a Kevin Macpherson. Nothing is more inspiring than to see a good painting up close...and nothing is more educational, aside from actual painting, than viewing good art. A caveat must be injected here...many of the pieces are Western Art and some are very tight....beautifully executed...but not what I love. So I will mention the paintings that stuck with me...they are loose and juicy.....lots of paint with expert draftsmanship and design. I am not overly concerned with content but more the subtle expression and nuances of the brush and color....something that can only be seen viewing a painting in person! Some of the names you may know some not....but it is well worth looking at the online catalog and seeing what you like.
Here is a list of the artists in the show that incorporate most everything I admire!

Cyrus Afsary (brushwork,edges)
John Encinias (everything)
John Moyers (everything)
Matt Smith (everything)
Bill Anton (brushwork, underpainting)
Charles Fritz (everything)
Terry Kelly Moyers ( brushwork, color)
Craig Tennant (design, composition)
Harley Brown ( brushwork, color)
Daniel Gerhartz (everything)
Sherry McGraw (everything)
Tom Browning (edges)
William Kalwick (color, brushwork)
Thomas Quinn (design, texture)
Len Chmiel (design, color)
David Leffel (composition, color)
Jason Rich (brushwork)
Pino Dangelico (everything)
My version of "Lily, Lily, Carnation, Rose" Jim Morgan (everything)
by J.S. Sargent 32x38 R. S. Riddick (color, composition)
Jeffery Watts ( everything)
Morgan Weistling (color, composition, brushwork)
We thoroughly enjoyed the show...even though some of the pieces were not to our liking. We had a wonderful lunch in the museum's cafe. I had to go back and take a look at the permanent collection which has so much amazing work it would be impossible to mention here...but Remington, Wyeth and many of the great illustrators from the turn of the century are represented. They also have well represented Nicolai Fechin Exhibit, which of course I had to see once cannot believe the exotic beauty of his brushwork until you see it in person!
We had a great time and laughed heartily, joked often and flirted coyly. We finally got our fill and I had to take a quick look through the gift/book store. Lots of great books, a new Pino, a Fechin....a few more...but, alas, I came away empty handed. Many were too pricey and some I already had. Back to the baking parking enough to fry eggs it was. Little did we know what still lay ahead in the mountains. A couple of hours later we arrived in Woodward, Ok., where we spent the night....happily dreaming of art!
Oh!...I have decide not to rush this last painting I am working on.....I need to think some things through when I am not so overwhelmed with getting ready, printing bios and cards, picking up prints, making sure everything including frames and tags are accurate, going to the chiropractor and, of course, the girlie things like getting my hair done and doing my nails!!!
Until tomorrow, with joy,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So much to do!!!

The Golden Hour 24x30 $2200

I am hurriedly but carefully assimilating all the pictures and info from our trip. As always, I am a very busy person....or perhaps not as organized as I should be. I have a show this weekend and am putting together the final touches on some new pieces. You know, sometimes you turn your back on painting and don't think about it for awhile and come back with fresh eyes? Well, that is what happened to me. Mostly it is the edges...I like a loose painterly style that is still realistic but not messy. So I redid the roof on the previous house painting....I also have a painting of cows that needed some fine tuning...and I am trying to finish one more painting in time for the show! Plus I added three strokes to a Plein Air piece while I was on vacation! I am also looking down the road at a solo show that I will need 12 to 20 pieces for by March and several entries plus a workshop I am hopefully going to pull off. The show in March is at SPIVA Center for the Arts and I am feeling a little pressure. Not to mention I have still not finished unpacking since I moved to Carthage.
We had breakfast with fellow artist/sculptress Linda Simpson catching up with her and whats been going on in her world after a sympathetic visit with a mutual friend. Max is framing and wiring paintings and running to Joplin to get spray for the paintings and some foam core to make a new a still life set up box that I saw at Jeff Leggs' studio. Details later!!!
While Max and I were in Estes Park we spent time with Jeff Legg a friend and fellow artist, went to dinner....and had a few drinks, listened to live music ( he played a Guy Clark selection that Max and I love on Max's request).....and talked art! Jeff's studio is a beauty and his work is fabulous...he was very positive about my work as he has watched me grow these past 7 years and has been good at pointing out my weaknesses! There is so much to learn and the miles needed on the paintbrush are a necessity.
A few posts of the paintings I have done for the show and one done last year!
Happy to be busy!
Cabbage Roses and Persimmons 14x14 $450

House On Harmony Road 16x20 $800

Monday, September 8, 2008

Brilliante Weblog Award

Hello everybody!! I am back from a wonderful vacation and ready to paint! But.....first things first! I received an award for my blog while I was away for inspiring a particular painter. Her name is Theresa Miller and she has some wonderful paintings that inspire me also. Please check them out!! As the rules go I must pass on this award to 7 other blogs that inspire me also. Below you will find the list of painters that inspire me also and whom I view on a regular basis because of their painting ability, content, support and general information. Thank you Theresa for nominating me...I am humbled and honored!! whom I will be taking a workshop from because of his fabulous style! who is so supportive I depend on her feedback! who had the nerve to diss me...LOL! It's okay really constructive criticism helps me grow!
who is just a darn good artist...period!! who is again so supportive and sweet....I love hearing from her.....she also took a workshop from me and I met her personally....absolutely a China Doll!
who also took a workshop and was a student....this woman is a go-getter! I have never seen someone who can accomplish so much...all at once. I love watching her work evolve!! who is another just plain fabulous ifs, ands or buts!!

Congratulations to the "7"!!!! You all rock!!

Believe me there were many more and it was hard to choose only can see in the side bar the artists I admire who are not bloggers and the ones who are....ALL of whom I respect admire and view regularly.
All awards have their rules...the "Brilliante Weblog Award" is no exception. I'm excited to pass this award on. You are all truly "Brilliant" artists and bloggers.

Rules of Acceptance:

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link the the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
6. Participation is entirely voluntary (of course!).
7. Have fun...honoring the bloggers who inspire you regularly.

Thank you once again to all who have inspired me,

P.S. I am trying to setup an easier email subscribe....but seem to be having