Friday, August 15, 2008

Alls Well That Ends Well....No Pun Intended!!

A Winters Evening 30x24

Yesterday was a busy day!! Thank goodness I have Max to help drive me around while I do some of the things I really do not like to do in regards to my art....the business side! We started out by dropping off a new painting at my gallery that Cherry has framed beautifully. Then on to the bank where I was asked to display a painting, some handouts, business cards and my bio in regards to the upcoming Midwest Gathering of Artists. Then over to Sandy Higgins house to pick up invitations for my clients and posters and handouts to put up around town. I finally delivered about 20 posters to the businesses in town and met some great people along the way. Max said I was a "good little soldier" about getting this done....I occasionally have an aversion to interacting with people that I don't know. I like people...a lot...but I get pretty nervous. It was good practice and it all went fine. Even a few prospective clients! I know it's silly to be that way....but I "soldiered" through. LOL! After we got that done...we were in dire need of groceries, etc. so onto the supermarket and finish up that chore. After we got everything put away...we remembered we had a dinner invitation with some friends. Sooooo....a comb through the hair, a dash of lipstick and changed my top and off we went!
It was a delightful evening...a few drinks and some pretty good of politics, books and just generally catching up. Susie has brand new baby canaries.....not an easy thing to raise. The are cute in a rather ugly way...ha! Little hairless bodies...great big yawning mouths waiting for food...wobbly....but really adorable! She has done a great job getting them that far and she also has some juveniles from hatching's also!! One guest was someone Max worked with many, many years ago...TV repair...with tubes....imagine that!! We had a real nice time...and then....went home...lights out immediately....boy was I tired!
It seems there are a few people who need to have done what Max had done the other day. As the doctor said their is no reason for people to have colon cancer with these regular examinations. Some have mentioned they need to "git 'er done"!! Here is a brief description, that hopefully will ward off any fear that some of you have about this. Although the preliminaries of cleansing the system are a bit food, only clear liquids, drinking Phospha-Soda to help clear the is a small discomfort that lasts about 4 to 5 hours. Nothing more to eat or drink after midnight. The next day you go to the outpatient are given something to relax you...sedated with Versed (which causes you to forget most of what happened that day...for instance Max was relating to the attendant that they are now powering the Hallmark Card Company in Kansas City with recycled natural gas....pumped in from who knows where!!! not true...but this is what happens with that kind of short term sedative. LMAO!!) are examined with a camera scope and polyps found at the time are removed. In Max's case two were found and removed. The problem is when they are not removed....that is when they become cancerous. You will also find out if you have the beginnings of diverticulosis..(diverticulitis is when you already have the infection) something that does happen with age and a low fiber diet. He was 100% back to normal the next morning and their are no after effects...except that you are pretty hungry after the anesthesia wears off. You will also need someone to drive you around that day and are cautioned not to make any decisions or sign any papers. He has been eating much better since he met Mother was a Jack LaLanne fan and health fanatic. I myself did not get to have sugar until I was 6 years old and we ate mostly whole foods. (Not even Wonder Bread!!) I have since made up for the sugar thing...but I try to keep it in moderation! I had mine done a while back and everything was fine. But, alas, I am about due to go again! So if this is something you have been putting off...I encourage you to git 'er done!! It really isn't that bad considering the consequences!
The painting I have posted today is a studio painting...the one that I am exhibiting at the bank...and one I have been asked to sell several times....but I like it...and do not know if I will sell it. I have a few like that. Well I am off to another busy day!
Best to everyone and git 'er done!!!


Barbara M. said...

I love the light in this one.

I can see why you want to hold
onto it.


Erika Nelson said...

"I have since made up for the sugar thing" Well so much for your Mom's healthy diet training lol You're so funny Mz T! Happy to hear Max is better! Lovely figurative!

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks for the info. on the big C procedure!

Rain Crow said...

Stunning. It put me in that time and place! Beautiful! I LOVE you work.