Sunday, August 17, 2008

Missed A Day...It's Okay!!

House on Highway 71 8x10 sold

It's Sunday, right? I have been so busy I almost forgot what day it is! Friday was spent catching up on art business, shipping my painting, "Septembers' Barn", to the Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction . Calling the host of the artists party to R.S.V.P., I received an email that they would really like me to be Max said..."Let me check the figures and the car and we will go." Looks like I am going to Colorado! To download a color flier of the auction, click here
I met Richard Schmid once before...a few years ago. It was my first year at the auction and I was terribly nervous...but I walked up to him anyway and asked if he would take a look at my paintings and critique them. Being the gentleman that he is...he permitted me some time in his very busy auction day schedule....and took a peak. He studied them carefully and while still bent over..he is very tall and my piece for the live auction was hung rather low.....he peered at me curiously over his glasses and said "This is very good work". The painting I entered was a small piece, "House on Highway 71"...only 8x10.....and I had it listed for what I thought was a fair price..$465. Well, I waited around for what seemed forever...for the live auction to begin. Finally the notice was given and off we went. The pieces of art were to be described alternately between Richard Schmid and the other artist hosting the proceedings. As the auction went along I noticed that if Mr. Schmid really like a piece he would take the turn himself to describe and introduce the artist...instead of going turn for turn. I anxiously awaited to see if he would pick mine......and.......Yikes...he did!!! He praised the work highly and said he wished he had painted it himself. The he turned to me and asked if I would step up to the front and introduce myself...I did. He asked me to explain how I painted it and when I mentioned that I painted en plein air he stated that "Nobody hardly does that anymore!"
Richard Schmid and his followers, which I am one, believe in painting from life as much as possible and although I do use photos for many of my paintings I always paint from life when I can and as a continuing observational tool. My teacher for some years was Barbara Courtney ( a wonderful artist herself and an avid Schmid fan)....taught us that right from the beginning. I learned much from her and am honored to have studied under her. All really good artists I have spoken with paint from life regularly!
To continue my Schmid story he then said congratulations on such fine work and shook my hand...then..paused and said "Come here..let me just give you a hug!" Well...what can I say, except that was quite a day...a high point in my art career I will never forget. I returned to my seat and the auction began. I was thrilled when the bidding went past $600....but it didn't stop there, in dismay and tears, I watched the phone banks ring and people bid....$700...$1,000.....$1200...$1500.....$1800....$2000...anyone for $2100??? No going once...twice...three times....and sold for $2000 to a lawyer and his wife who lived in California and had law offices in Singapore. She loved my style and has kept track of me ever since.
You just never know what will happen next. I am anxious in a good way to go to the party...but as always I get very nervous at these affairs...Max says I do fine and no one would ever know how nervous I get. He himself was a business man for many years and was in constant touch with bosses, clientele and buyers and such......he has no problem....he is my rock!
I have to say this.....I never had a rock.....never had that solid, dependable, faithful guy...who was smarter than me....sounds bad but it's true....I sure like having a rock! So we will attend and the painting I submitted this year is posted along with the one from the first year. I have been given the high seller status....which means you have a guaranteed place as one of the 75 in the live auction. This event is widely publicized and adds have been run in Southwest Art twice, Western Art Collector and American Art Collector. So I can I say truthfully my name has been in these magazines....of course you have to squint to see it....but it's fun to see ones name in "lights" however small...LOL!
I have been sending out invitations for The MGA also...getting entries ready for a show in Texas and of course painting! After all the craziness these past weeks between art business and doctors appointments. I can finally get back to what I love. I don't mind the other stuff anymore and it is life...and I intend to live life...always have! But painting is something that builds up in me if I can't do it...makes me feel like I am all bound up or something. So I started a new one yesterday....painted most of the day....a larger piece...and am enjoying that process thoroughly...with the addition of music...always...! Really enjoying The Felice Brothers and the Avett Brothers....someone my Max found...he IS a music connoisseur!!
Well I am burning daylight, so off I go to the studio, watch those edges.....keep it loose and don't over paint....until later, happiness, oh and take a look at this video!!
Theresa Septembers' Barn 16x20


Barbara M. said...

Your paintings are just

I love the writing too -- what
an exciting story.


Erika Nelson said...

Wow what a wonderful art story about you and Richard Schmid *gasp* I've seen/heard Schmid's name floated around, but never have I latched on to him and never have I realized his works hits the nail on my art preference - until I met you and with your teaching you exposed me to the mentality and approaches of this technique that is all about life! It was such a gift to meet you and somehow I think Schmid saw the same thing in you because he knew you totally "get" what it's all about and he was big enough to acknowledge that publicly. Bless him for being so genuine. And bless you for sharing the moment. I've met so many successful artists who have become so full of themselves that they feel so threatened, you know what I mean?

For months now it's been my dream to attend that auction in Colorado, mainly in hopes to meet Richard and Nancy and see their works in person. I'm so glad you've decided to attend. I look forward to all that you can share. Congrats on the big price your piece garnered. I have high hopes for your beautiful September Barn! Give RS a big hug for me :) Sorry I wanted to add something - I wonder if you could keep an eye on wheelchair access at the auction for me. Maybe I can go next year :) Now is not good anyway with finances etc. Thanks T!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

What a wonderful story, and a wonderful painting also. Congratulations! Carol

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you, ladies!!! I love hearing from you and seeing your beautiful works!!

randy said...

I missed a's Okay!!...I MISSED 2 WEEKS AND IT'S OKAY!!

Had a successful workshop week/OPS show week with Mr. Leslie B. DeMille.

Sure wish you were closer to pass on more of your techniques!


vicki ross