Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Sea of Fans....and Tents

Devils Den Cabin, Plein Air 11x14

The second day of Marian days was even more impressive than the first!. As Max and I walked among the throngs of people it felt much like being in a village....the sights, the smells, the atmosphere!!! Those who have not my humble opinion...have missed out on a wonferful part of humanity! As we watched the Catholic ceremonies....there was a sea of fans that stretched out before was warm..and the waving of the fans reminded of gentle ocean waves. We gazed out over the sea and appreciated the reverance and attendance of the thousands of pilgrims. Their was an angelic choir, lifting their voices up, loud and clear, sweetly singing praises in Vietnamese. Truly beautiful!!

The rest of the evening we spent walking around and appreciating the diversity. Dinner was Com Ga Kho Sa, for me (caramalized chicken with citronella served with a side of a delightful lemon grass soup, lightly pickled veggies and rice) and Pho Tai for Max (his favorite...the man can't get enough) in fact he had two bowls. Later we had Sesame Seed Buns with bean paste inside....Hmmmm....delicious!! and of course Iced Coffee!

We stopped at a vendor and Max bought me a sandalwood fan and a painted paper umbrella. His darlin' daughter Inez gave me 20 dollars to spend on myself...but I forgot it at home...I will bring it with me this afternoon. Today is the last day to enjoy the festivities!

Inez is very much like my daughter, Anna....they are both wonderful, kind, gentle spirits! Very special people indeed. Love them so much....I could just squeeze the stuffin' out of them!!

Speaking of Anna, Max and I will be going out to Arizona to visit with her, her husband Larry and of course the about two precious I love them!!! We will also be visiting my dearest friend, Jacquie!!

While wondering around Marian Days we ran into Cherry, of Cherrys' Gallery and her squeeze...we visited for awhile...(They are so much fun) we also saw the director of artCentral, Sally Armstrong.....and several other people Max knows. Yes, we had a great time and I took a lot of pictures...they are here on the blog.....hope you can find them!

The home office is almost done and Max has made me a new still life box. Thank goodness he has also taken over stretching my canvases!! The box is for controlling the light. If you would like to make one they are pretty easy. Just get a big box and cut away everything except three sides.....leave the three sides connected. Spray paint it black and you are ready to go. Another piece of cardboard can sit on the top for further control of the light. If you have any questions I am always happy to answer them.

Until next time...lots o' love,


milindmulick said...

good work!are you Schmid school?
You write too much in the blog..may be some people like to read..

Terry.. said...

Good to see you here Theresa..

I've added a link to your Guest Artist's Page.. lol.. more for my own convenience I guess..:-)

Best Wishes,

Terry Bassett.

Erika Nelson said...

Love the kiss of sunlight on the upper right; reminds of a beautiful morning the kind that puts a smile on my face. :)

A still life box, I could use that! Now if only I could actually find a surface in my studio....

Thanks so much for visiting my blog too, you're cool!

I enjoy all that you share so keep writing! xx

Carrie said...

I will enjoy following. Like this little cabin painting. Some people don't write much, some do. Found your Art Wanted Link.

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Carrie..I could not find a page on you but am glad you will be following along!!!