Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain and Relaxation

Rocky Mountain National Park-Plein Air 8x16

What a wondrfully welcome surprise! Rain! Our garden needed it...the lawn needed it...we needed it! The downside was we didn't feel like going to the last day of Marian Days. We were supposed to go with Kim and Tom but the rain won. Sooooo......we just laid around and read, talked and shared. Max made pizza!!! I was upstairs straightening up and when I came down to start a meal...and...he was already at it!!! My kind of guy, that's for sure. Strangely enough there was a time I would have found that threatening...I know sounds a bit weird..but we all have our idiosyncrasies....( I have several) thankfully as I have evolved in life...I let that one go!

A little talk about painting.....I have found some great artists on this blog and I will post there page to my list as I find them....if they don't mind. I also have many favorite artists and will provide a link to their page....some I know personally or have met...some I just stand in awe of their mastery. I am always looking....always studying....even when I don't paint. When Max and I go for a drive I imagine how I will paint something I see. Expressing how I would represent the composition, colors, light, shapes and brushwork, etc. I used to do this while I was driving back and forth to the classes I used to teach on art.....but as they say...don't try this at home! No accidents fortunately...just some irritated drivers.

One last note before heading to the studio......I like this blog....a lot....thank you to those who have left comments....always a good thing. This seems to be a very supportive bunch and was surprised to find many friends and aquaintances here. I am just really enjoying this!!

Thankful for the cooler temperatures,



Anonymous said...

Wonderful feeling of the outdoors! Interesting read! Mary

Theresa Rankin said...

Thank you Mary!!

Barbara M. said...

This painting is lovely.
I really admire your skill.