Friday, August 8, 2008

Marian Days and more...

A Single Pear 8x10 Sold
Yesterday was the first day of Marian Days here in Carthage, Missouri. It is a wonderful religious festival honoring the Virgin Mary for the Vietnamese Catholics who come from all over the country to participate. Max and I went down yesterday evening to eat some Vietnamese food...he loves Pho and my favorite is Bun. When we met about a year ago, finally, (our meeting was originally over two years ago but I was not looking for anyone at the time...more on that unique story another time!!) one of the things we had in common was our familiarity with Vietnamese food and culture.
While I lived in Hawaii(15 years) I knew many Vietnamese people and when living in Salt Lake City, Utah I rented my basement apartment to a Vietnamese family, Tran and Hoa Nguyen. They were so nice to me and she taught me to cook many Vietnamese dishes. When Hoa became pregnant she requested I be there to help her give birth, having five children myself this was no problem for me. The wonderful part about this story is the reason why she wanted me seems there is a custom that the first person the baby sees will take on the smile and personality of the individual...she cared about me that much to honor me in that way! Quite a privilige I say!!!

Besides indulging ourselves last evening on Bun, Pho, Nem Nyum (meatball on a stick spelling??) and a health drink made of seaweed, gelatin, cherries, and many other ingredients we delighted on Vietnamese iced coffee, which is a staple here at our house.
The day started off with me unpacking paintings and frames and beginning to set up my office....seems I need to get this done since I cannot find a lot of paperwork I need for some upcoming shows. I have already set up my studio and done several paintings since I have been living here in Carthage and gratefully have sold a very large piece to McCune Brooks Hospital here in Carthage! Thank you, Cherry, for your support and encouragement and for working so hard for me!
S. H. contacted me yesterday, also, about putting a painting in one of the banks here and distributing posters for the upcoming Midwest Gathering of Artists. Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, MO. also contacted me about doing a workshop again this fall. They wanted me to do one this summer but with moving and so many other things coming up I just couldn't do it.
Max who had surgery two weeks ago is feeling so much better and is able to get around more as evidenced by our outing last evening and doing some work in our garden. I have, of course been taking care of him and everything else around here...we have 5 animals and a fairly large house and the aforementioned garden!!

Well that's it for are a few picks of Marian days and some of my work. The paintings are plein air or done in a day. I will also post studio work from time to time. You can always visit my main website too!
Love, Theresa


sandy said...

Hi , very nice , your art from Marian Days are lovely ..ENJOY THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS ..

Next week I will be working hard on MGA ...

Glad your husband is doing well .
Peace Sandy

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Hey Gurl! Loved the blog. Miss painting with you, too. Hmmm, those onions look familiar and much better than the ones I attempted.

Been working in pastel for the past few months getting ready for the Ozark Pastel Society Show and the Leslie B. DeMille workshop here, but CAN'T wait to get back to oil.

Love ya,
Vicki R.

Erika Nelson said...

Well well well what a pleasant surprise! Theresa, it's Erika from your Bella Vista workshop, cohort of Linda and Vicki :0) I'm glad you're blogging as I feel abruptly cut off from you since you live far away and I can't drive. I've really enjoyed you so I do try to keep up through my 2 amigas.

What wonderful honor to have your presence requested at birth. I imagine the baby will grow up to be quite a person to be reckoned with - in a very good way of course!

Well I've linked you to my blog. I'm not a regular poster on mine because I had one I had lovingly nurtured for years which crashed last February so I'm still a little miffed.

Anyway, I plan to visit with you often! Cheers and hi to Max!

David Lobenberg said...

Nice commanding, loose style. Thinned oil? Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'll definitly be visiting yours on a reg. basis. Viet, Lao, Cambodian, foods...yum!